How Much Does A Recurve Bow Cost? » What Is A Good Price?

So, you’re thinking about buying a Recurve Bow? Well, that’s good to hear because this bow will bring you great joy, as long as you buy the right one for yourself, of course. The Recurve Bow is great as it’s suitable for all levels of archery as well as many activity types, such as target practice and even hunting. Today, we’re going to find out all about the financial figures involved with the purchase of a Recurve Bow. So stick around like you’d want your arrow to in a bullseye as we delve into all there is to know.

So, how much does a Recurve Bow cost? A Recurve Bow can cost anywhere between $50 to $1,200, although the average price is around $350. The most expensive Recurve Bows, which are designed to be Olympic-level standard, will cost above $1000. You may want to budget for additional compound bow accessories too, which will likely cost upward of $100-$250.   

The cost of a Recurve Bow will vary depending on what you’re looking for as well as what your skill level is. 

Of course, the quality of the bow may vary, especially if you’re buying a cheaper bow. 

So let us delve deeper into the financials, including where you can typically get the best price and other costs you may need to take on in terms of accessories. 

What Is The Average Price Of A Recurve Bow?

The average price of a Recurve Bow is around $200 to $300. This is because Bows at this price are most likely to accommodate beginners and more experienced archers.

When it comes to archery, your skill level really does decide what equipment is best for you. 

If you practise your shooting with a bow that isn’t suitable for your skill level and also your physical attributes, then it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. 

You’ll find practice tough, uncomfortable, and unfulfilling. So getting the right Recurve Bow is important to sustain your love for archery.

For Beginners

If you’re a complete beginner just getting into the sport, then you can expect to pay between $100 to $200 for a Recurve Bow. 

This is a good figure to start out with as it’s not too expensive. 

This means that once you’re ready to upgrade to a bow better suited for a more advanced skill level, you won’t have invested too much. 

You could probably make a fair buck back if you sell your bow on. 

That is, if it’s still in good condition. 

Of course, if you don’t want to part with your bow, then don’t feel obliged to. 

Keep it around to remind yourself of where you started out and how far you’ve come.

For Intermediates (Or Those Upgrading)

If you’re now at an intermediate level, you can expect to pay between $200 to $500. 

It’s worth mentioning that paying at the top end of this price spectrum won’t necessarily guarantee you quality or the right bow for you. 

When you do get the right Recurve Bow, this should last you a long time, as the next skill level takes years to attain.

For Advanced Archers

That skill level is, of course, super advanced, where you’re competent enough to use and fire an Olympic-style Recurve bow accurately. Bows of this quality will be $1000 plus.

Now some bows are priced so high it will blow your mind. 

For example, Recurve Bows that are handmade could cost $8000 and beyond due to the intricate craftsmanship that goes into making them.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend starting out with one of these!

How Much Is A Good Recurve Bow?

You can typically buy a good Recurve Bow for anything above $100. Paying the big bucks doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a better bow, but purchasing at the lower end means there’s more chance of obtaining a lesser quality bow. Put it this way; I definitely would not recommend buying anything below 100 bucks.

Compared to other bow types, Recurve Bows are actually very reasonably priced. This is because they are mechanically simple to produce and also cost-effective.  

You can buy Recurve Bows for less than $100, but they’re going to come with limits. By this, I mean you’ll struggle to improve consistently with a cheap bow. 

If you’re paying a little over $100, sure, these are probably going to be better for you. However, they are still very much for beginners. 

So once you exceed that skill level, which could be quite quickly, you’re going to need to upgrade.

This would mean purchasing a Recurve Bow for between $200 to $500. 

Many of the Recurve Bows priced around $200 are fantastic, so this is the minimum price you can expect to pay for a really good one.

Buying Second Hand

Second-hand is always an option. You’ll be able to purchase good recurve Bows that suit your skill level at a reduced price. This being said, I recommend avoiding second-hand as a first-time buyer. 

Buying second-hand is more suitable for archers with multiple bows who are looking to get an expensive bow at a reduced price.

So if you get to that level, that’s the time to browse the internet or enquire amongst your fellow archers when looking for a bargain bow.

The most important thing, besides you not getting scammed, is that you get the bow that is best for you!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Recurve Bow?

When it comes to buying a Recurve Bow, I believe the two best places to shop are and 


When I’m not out shooting by bow, you can bet that I’m probably checking out the latest gear on offer in BassProShops. It is my favorite store to visit. 

Sometimes I just go there to stare at arrows…. I’m joking, of course….

When it comes to their Recurve Bow range, BassProShops actually have fairly limited stock available right now, with 10 to choose from. 

Most of these are priced between $100 to $200, with the most expensive being $20. 

Even though the stock range isn’t as wide as their other bow types, there are still many great Recurve Bows here to choose from.


What doesn’t Amazon sell? Well, they definitely sell Recurve Bows. 

They do advertise many Recurve Bows below $100, which, as discussed earlier, I don’t recommend you waste your hard-earned cash on.

 If you keep scrolling, though, you’ll find a vast and fantastic range of Recurve Bows on offer, with the highest being priced at $600. 

There are plenty of Bows in that sweet spot range of around $200 to be found here.

On this occasion, whilst BassProShops will always be my favorite supplier, Amazon has the edge due to their extensive range available. 

Other Recurve Bow Cost Considerations

Many Recurve Bows can be purchased in bundle packages. But there’s a high chance you’ll need to delve back into the market to buy at least one accessory. As your skills improve, the more interested you will become in upgrading your bow with the latest and greatest accessories to make your practice even more enjoyable. So let’s explore some of the price ranges for certain accessories. 


Every bow needs springs. Otherwise, it’s just a frame that looks good. Most Recurve Bows will come with a set of strings. 

But you may need to replace your strings at some point. On BassProShops, you can look to pay anywhere between $13 to $40. 

At Amazon, the range is more like $5 to $35. The higher the price here, which often means the better the quality. 

Bow Case

If you’re going to need to store your Recurve Bow somewhere. You’re also likely to travel around with it. So you’ll need a case. 

At Amazon, the cheapest case is a little less than 20 bucks. The top of their range is 100. 

If you pay more, you’re likely to get a case that is more resilient, spacious, and comfortable to carry. 

BassProShops stock cases are priced at 35 bucks to a whopping 300. You can also purchase a Recurve Bow sock or sleeve for between $16 to $20.

Bow Grip Materials

A pair of archery gloves with finger tabs will cost a little over $10, as will the single finger tabs.

Arrow Rests

There’s a vast price difference when it comes to Arrow Rests. 

You’ll find the cheapest for as low as $2.50, whilst the most expensive will be as high as $100. 


Clothing can certainly improve your archery performance. Let’s talk about standard target practice first. 

As you’re outside, you’ll need to be prepared for any sudden change in the weather. This means venturing out with waterproofs, thermals, and warm clothes like fleeces.

The drier you are, the better your muscles will perform when shooting. 

You’ll also need clothes that are tight-fitting, so your bow or arrows don’t get caught on anything loose.

Take a look at the Thermals range at BassProShops!

On the other hand, if you’re out hunting, which is possible with a Recurve Bow, then you’re going to need some camo.

Check out BassProShops’ range of gear


Price is important. Of course, everyone has their own budget.

If you’re looking for quality, choosing the cheapest isn’t the best route to take.

That being said, paying the highest price won’t guarantee the bow is right for you.

So, if you’ve decided you want to purchase a Recurve Bow now, I’ll see you in BassproShops, fellow archer!

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