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Finding the best peep sight for your compound bow can be challenging as there are literally thousands of them to choose from.

A decent peep sight will allow you to dial in on your targets more consistently and precisely.

They’re great for improving your aim, and they can be highly beneficial on a hunting trip.

Nevertheless, this buyer’s guide will dive into the best peep sights for compound bows currently available on the market, the pros and cons of each one, and some questions you likely need answers for!

But if you are short of time, here are the top picks:

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G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

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Features & Specifications:

  • Color: Multiple colorways
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 4”x3”x1”
  • Weight: 0.64oz


You’ll find many different shapes and sizes online, but the Meta Pro peep sight is one of the best you’ll find, hands down.

It fits with many different types of bows and offers surprising durability that can handle the torque that compound bows provide.

Peep sights are pretty simple, but they come with a few specifications that archers should consider. 

Created from 7000 Series aluminum, this peep sight is one of the more durable options you’ll find, as many alternatives are generally made from plastic or even rubber.

There are some minor features included, such as a radial string groove for the most secure fit, and it has a convex interior that allows the peep sight for better consistency with your aim regardless of how much stress you put on your bow.

Many of the reviews you’ll find on this peep sight are five stars across the board, and many people love how adaptable it is with many different types of bows.

One of the product’s most favorable characteristics is how well it was machined, as many archer’s prefer quality over quantity and are fed up with cheaply made bow accessories.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been shooting arrows for years, this peep sight seems to be a popular choice among the archery community as a whole.


There are not a lot of cons associated with this particular peep sight, but there are a few comments from previous customers that are worth mentioning.

Although the peep sight is durable and keeps its shape, some people think it’s too thin to be effective.

To clarify, when aiming, the peep sight tends to disappear from view as it blurs outside of your focus.

It’s great that the sight isn’t an obstruction, but it shouldn’t fade from view too much either.

From an aesthetic perspective, there are a handful of colors to choose from, but the paint seems to scratch off pretty easily.

TRUGLO TG76C Centra Peep

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Features & Specifications:

  • Color: Black, blue and red
  • Material: Blended aluminum construction
  • Dimensions: 1”x1”x1”
  • Weight: 0.80oz


If you’re looking for a discreet peep sight that’s also durable, the TRUGLO would be an excellent option for you.

It’s aluminum construction allows it to take on plenty of wear and tear. It’s also extremely lightweight and takes up barely any space on your bowstring.

It also comes in a decent range of sizes for different bows from 1/4” to 3/16”.

It comes at a cost-effective price and will last longer than the flimsier peep sights you’ll find online. 

The accessory is CNC-machined and will work fluidly for extensive archery sessions or hunting trips.

Peep sights help more than you might think, as many previous customers say that this product has helped their aim tremendously.

Although different colorways are available, the peep sight is relatively neutral and will blend in with your equipment and surroundings.

Unlike some other sights, this one doesn’t blur too much when you’re aiming downrange.

As stated with the G5 peep sight, if the sight blurs out of view when aiming, you aren’t really getting the assistance you’re looking for.

It’s a great option for those who want the benefits of a peep sight but are tired of clunkier models that are cheaply made.

Some peep sights can break on you in the middle of a draw or have trouble staying secure on your bowstring.

The TRUGLO is definitely a simple design, but it has a primary focus on functionality and useability for novice and expert archers alike. 


This peep sight is an overall excellent choice, but it still comes with a few complications for some archers.

For starters, the installation seems to be a bit tricky for some people.

While those with experience have had better success installing the TRUGLO, many others simply recommend taking it to a professional shop and letting them install it for you. 

It’s also somewhat counterproductive in the sense that it doesn’t come with any threads included, just the peep sight itself.

So make sure you have threading available beforehand; otherwise, you won’t be able to install the sight once it arrives.

Regarding its potential life span, some users aren’t so happy with its durability, while others are entirely happy with its build.

Its durability comes with a few factors, such as how often it’s being stressed during use, but for more serious archer’s, it seems many of them would prefer something that feels a bit more durable for long-term use.

Specialty Archery Pro Series 37 Degree Hooded Peep Sight

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Features & Specifications:

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 5.5”x3.25”x1”
  • Weight: 0.16oz
  • Aperture: Interchangeable


A go-to choice for many archery enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong with this peep sight from Specialty Archery.

Made with crowned slots and versatility in mind, this particular peep sight is able to all of the 1/8 aperture, clarifier, and verifier alternatives.

Instead of having to buy a peep sight for each individual size, this one comes with the ability to interchange apertures. 

It’s also so lightweight you can’t even feel the difference when installed on your bow. It’s one of the pricier peep sights you’ll find online, but it could easily outlast the competition by years.

Many buyers say that it aligns well with many different bows and doesn’t obstruct your view when aiming down your sights.

For many users, this peep sight was the cure for sub-par accuracy and is entirely worth the cost.

This peep sight is best suited for those who plan on changing apertures often or simply want something durable that’ll last them longer than most.

The size of the peep sight you need may change with your evolving preferences, but this one offers adaptability that many others don’t.

You can definitely find cheaper peep sights out there, but you may end up spending more money due to poor construction and durability.


This peep sight nearly has a unanimous five-star rating, but a few buyers feel there are still better options out there.

To clarify, this site doesn’t reduce glare as well as some others, and in the wrong lighting conditions, it can actually be counterproductive to your aim.

Additionally, it won’t break the bank, but this peep sight is easily over two times as expensive as other popular peep sights, and some individuals feel it may not be worth the price.

Then again, due to its construction, this peep sight has the potential to last years depending on how much wear and tear it goes through.

Aside from that, there really aren’t many cons associated with this product. 

Peep Sight For Compound Bow Buyers Guide

Let us now explore some common questions that you will naturally have around this particular piece of archery equipment!

Why You Need A Peep Sight For Your Compound Bow

A peep sight is a fairly straightforward device that serves a universal purpose. It provides a hole in your bowstring that allows you to get a better look at your target and line up your shot.

It might be a small accessory, but they have a tendency to improve overall accuracy.

Archery entails many different specifics that some people may not consider, and a solid peep sight is one of those tools that you shouldn’t overlook. 

Where Do You Put a Peep Sight?

Simply put, a peep sight is placed on your bowstring to help enhance your accuracy.

There are a few other steps to this process and can actually be quite meticulous, so it’s best to always follow installation instructions carefully to avoid any mishaps.

You’ll also find it helpful to have your peep sight slightly tilted to the left or right depending on your dominant arm, as it will straighten out with the sights when you pull back your string.

Of course, some of it comes down to personal preference as you want to make sure you can clearly see down your sights.

Still, there’s a right way to install a peep sight, and if installed correctly, they can make a huge difference in your accuracy.

You can always find tutorials online to learn how to install a peep sight, but taking your bow to a professional will ensure everything is in good shape from top to bottom.

How To Install A Peep Sight On A Compound Bow?

This is a multistep process that may entail a bow press and other various tools to align the peep sight on the bowstring properly.

First, you’ll want to relax the bow’s string tension, and this step may or may not require a bow press.

Next, you want to test the alignment of the peep sight on the drawstring and mark the sweet spot you feel it will perform best.

Once the peep is aligned with the sights on your bow, you can then re-tighten the bowstring and make sure it aligns with your sights perfectly.

It’s understandable if you don’t nail it on your first try, and it’s common to go through this process with a few attempts until you’ve nailed the right placement for your peep sight.

You’ll also want to leave some slack on the serving thread for the peep sight, as it’ll need added security around your bowstring.

You also don’t want to have an excess of this thread hanging off of your bow, so it’s always best to clip the excess ends once you’ve finalized your peep sight’s alignment. 

Is A Bigger Peep Sight Better?

A bigger peep sight isn’t necessarily better, but they do help with issues such as low light conditions.

Peep sights come in different sizes for a reason, and each has its own strengths with various perks.

A bigger peep sight also offers more viewing space when aiming down sight and will have less of a chance of obstructing your view. 

It’s also known that you can achieve the same outcome with a small or large peep sight, and it usually comes down to what you’re using it for.

Then again, some archers aren’t a fan of small peep sights due to how narrow they are.

Moreover, some people have a preference for shooting with one or two eyes, and many larger peep sights allow you to use both eyes when aiming comfortably.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Peep Sight For Your Compound Bow

The first factor you want to keep in mind is the aperture of the peep sight.

The aperture will surely have an effect on your accuracy and overall shooting performance in some cases.

For example, it’s advised to use a 1/8″ peep sight for hunting as that size gives your eyes all of the light they can take.

At the same time, many people prefer larger apertures as they can be beneficial in difficult lighting conditions.

Aside from the size of the peep sight, the material it’s made out of can also be important to some.

It’s common to find plastic peep sights, but they’re known to be fragile and unreliable for periods of extended use.

They’ll be more cost-efficient, but if you’re looking for quality that could last you years, consider a peep sight manufactured out of a light metal like aluminum, as you don’t want your accessories adding unnecessary weight to your bow.

Final Verdict

Compound bows are incredibly versatile, and there is a long list of attachments that can help improve your archery skills.

Every archer has their preferences when it comes to their favorite peep sight, but you want to verify the one you choose is optimal for your shooting style and the type of bow you have.

Nevertheless, if you follow the details, tips, and tricks in this article, you’ll be able to find your favorite peep sight in no time.

For me though, I wouldn’t look many further than the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight, and I’d get it straight from Amazon 👇

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