A List Of The Best Archery Ranges In Tampa

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world for a reason. It has beautiful weather, large cities, and many fun and exciting amusement parks.

However, Florida is also a great place to visit if you love hunting, mainly if bows are your thing.

That’s because Florida has a surprisingly large number of great archery ranges to visit.

Many of the best of these are located in Tampa, a still-popular destination for visitors, particularly those who have gotten burned out by Orlando or Miami.

These ranges include archery shops, unique rentable ranges, and even archery schools where you can learn more about shooting.

That broad range gives Tampa residents or visitors plenty of unique options for their archery range needs.

So let’s not wait a moment longer but dive headfirst into the best archery ranges in Tampa!

I’ll highlight what makes each of these ranges unique, including what services they provide, including ranges, equipment rental, classes, and even events.

Arrowhead Archery Shop

Arrowhead is a popular archery shop and range in Tampa that includes multiple high-quality bows, arrows, and other products at fair and reasonable prices.

They help users get fit for a new bow, mainly people who have never shot, to ensure that they are comfortable with their experience.

Visitors can also get their bows sighted and balanced while visiting, giving them more accuracy while hunting or shooting.

As a result, Arrowhead is a great place to start your bow adventure and even works well as a high-quality outfitter for more advanced shooters.

If you enjoy social events, Arrowhead hosts a three-day and two-night bow-hunting experience.

You can schedule hog, turkey, whitetail, and mule deer hunts, and get transportation, stands, and skinning included in the trip.

This option gives you real-world experience with your bow in an engaging way.

Google Review

“20-year gun and muzzleloader hunter. Went in knowing nothing about a bow. The bow felt foreign to me because I have never used one. The guy behind the counter knew what he was talking about and got me set up with a new Mathews bow in about 15 minutes, I was all set up and will pick up my new bow in a few days after it’s all set up. No nonsense. You go in there ready to dive in, and they take good care of you. Totally happy!”

  • Address: 10818 US-92, Tampa, FL 33610-5975
  • Contact Information: (813) 621-4279
  • Website: https://arrowheadarcheryshop.com/
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10-7; Saturday, 10-5.

Tampa Archery School

Tampa Archery School is a range provided by Tampa Bay Sporting Clays, a well-regarded archery shop.

Visitors here can sign up for classes to learn more about shooting and improve their skills.

Everyone over the age of seven is welcome to visit this range and learn about handling bows.

Class prices vary depending on whether you own equipment. While rental is available, this doubles the class price.

Monthly class prices are an excellent option for learning archers because they cost less and help you learn as much as possible about this sport.

One important thing to note about this range is its limited hours.

While it is part of Tampa Bay Sporting Clays, Tampa Archery School is typically open only on the weekends. As a result, you need to plan your visit carefully.

Google Review

“The instructors at Tampa Archery School are great. They offer classes and equipment rentals if needed, and they let people come and shoot with their own equipment for practice at the same time. The classes take place in a mostly shady wooded area (bring bug spray). Everyone present was really friendly, and the more experienced people would give tips and advice to the newbies. It was a welcoming and comfortable environment. I would highly recommend it!”

  • Address: 10514 Ehren Cutoff, Land O’ Lakes, FL 34639
  • Contact Information: (813) 459-6802
  • Website: https://www.archerytampa.com/
  • Hours: Saturday, 10-11; Sunday, 4-5:30.

Adventures Archery

Adventures Archery is a popular and highly-rated archery range in Tampa that provides many unique amenities.

For example, you can book a range for a low hourly price, one that doubles if you also rent equipment.

This gives you plenty of time to site in your bow and get off a lot of shots.

Furthermore, Adventures Archery also provides fairly priced private lessons that teach you about the basics of bow handling and progress to advanced classes.

Even better, you can host a party or event at the range and even buy inexpensive paper targets or use old ones for free.

Beyond their range, Adventures Archery also offers bow accessories, including hunting and even fishing options!

Signing up for a VIP membership gives you discounts on classes, range rentals, and even equipment purchases.

Google Review

  • “This shop was amazing! My first time in an archery shop ever, and I will be a lifelong customer. Josh in the service department was very knowledgeable, professional, and honest. He set me up on a bow and had me putting arrows through a ping pong ball in an hour.”
  • Address: 2210 US-301 #200, Tampa, FL 33619, USA
  • Contact Information: (813) 664-8700
  • Website: https://adventuresarchery.com/
  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 10-8; Saturday, 10-6; Sunday, 12-5.

Three Rivers Outdoors and Archery

Three Rivers Outdoors and Archery is a fantastic outdoor shop that caters to both gun and bow owners.

They provide a variety of bows from multiple manufacturers, as well as arrows that make it easy to site in your bow and achieve hunting success.

They also focus on providing high-quality targets for hunters.

These include BullDog targets designed to look realistic and engaging for shooters.

This should give you more than enough options for your bow-hunting or shooting experience.

Three Rivers also provides concealed weapons classes and hog hunts you can tap into if you want to learn more about shooting or have fun on exciting adventures. Their indoor range is weather-protected.

Google Review

“Fantastic place. First timer in there today took care of me very well. My wife and I both bow hunt, and glad we found a local spot in Brooksville. Would highly recommend to all my friends that bow hunt or just looking to get their bow tuned up for the season. The indoor range was fantastic.”

  • Address: 17044 Ayers Rd, Brooksville, FL 34604
  • Contact Information: (352) 467-8179
  • Website: https://threeriversoutdoorsandarchery.com/
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10-7; Saturday, 9-5.

Wyoming Antelope Club

While technically a gun shooting range, Wyoming Antelope Club welcomes bow hunters and other shooters and can provide many benefits.

For example, they can teach shooting disciplines on their outdoor range to help you become a better hunter.

They also provide training classes that help people learn better shooting safety and much more.

Even better, they have an open club membership that gives you easy access to various club events, hunts, and shoots, providing you with plenty of social opportunities.

Google Review

“You’re not going to find a place that’s better. 100% professional, Affordable, and they make shooting approachable. Great to see a range like this around and so close to home. 20$ for a day pass, 3 targets included, and you can stay all day. Lots of fans to make up for the heat, vending machines. 10/10 recommend.”

  • Address: 3700 126th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33762-4264
  • Contact Information: (727) 573-3006
  • Website: https://pinellasoutdoorshootingrange.com/
  • Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 9-1; Friday, 9-8; Saturday and Sunday, 9-5.

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