5 Of The Best Archery Ranges In Arizona

If you live in or regularly visit Arizona, you may be looking for something exciting and fun to do with your bow.

Thankfully, Arizona has a very exciting archery range scene that includes multiple options that you can try out.

These vary between public and private clubs and provide many amenities.

For instance, some are archery shops where you can buy equipment and use it for your everyday shooting experience.

Others are specialized ranges that focus on more specific shooting environments.

This means you should be able to find just about anything you want with little difficulty.

Even better, there are clubs that offer membership options that make it easier for you to get a great experience.

These memberships may include discounts on lane fees or even 24-hour access, depending on the range and its rules.

Some even provide rental equipment that makes shooting easier.

Are you as excited about archery ranges as me?

If so, let’s get started!

I promise that you’ll find a fantastic archery range that fits into your needs.

There are just so many options available that it’s hard to imagine that you won’t find something that works perfectly for you.

Arizona Archery Club Range

Arizona Archery Club Range is one of the most professional and modern Arizona archery ranges.

It has a 10- to 40-yard indoor range with a climate-controlled interior.

That makes it comfortable in the hottest Arizona heat and in those rare winter days when it drops closer to 40-50 degrees.

Fees are very reasonable, with $10 hourly rates on Tuesday through Saturday.

Note that if you rent equipment and don’t bring your own, the price goes up to $30.

That is still an inexpensive investment because they provide you with high-quality bows and arrows.

You must call ahead and make a reservation to ensure that a lane is open for your shooting.

You can’t just show up and assume that you’ll have a spot to shoot.

Note that this range also hosts classes and private lessons, as well as corporate events and birthday parties!

Google Review

“I am the owner of Breakthrough Smash Room, and I know what’s like to host multiple guests a day for 30-90 minute sessions. Let me tell you… these guys are amazing! I have been here twice, and called several times on the phone. Every time, the customer service has been A+++.”

  • Address: 1115 W Deer Valley Rd #2186, Phoenix, AZ 85027
  • Contact Information: (623) 266-4647
  • Website: https://arizonaarcheryshop.com/archery-range
  • Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 11-6; Friday-Saturday, 11-5.

Ben Avery Outdoor Archery Range

Located near northern Phoenix, Ben Avery’s range is a professionally managed range that provides target shoots on NFAA-certified.

Their benefits include bowhunting walks, fun 3D shoots, and competitions between shooters of all ages.

That makes it a great all-in-one range.

Even better, this range also has an indoor rifle range if you’re into shooting guns as well.

There’s even a clay target center that will change your abilities even further.

Ben Avery also provides scholastic training programs for beginning shooters and a comfortable and high-quality experience that works for many different people.

These include five-star archery courses, World Archery Ranges, and easy-to-use targets that require minimal skill to use.

Google Review

“This place is great. There are multiple ranges to use. It’s kept clean and as long as people clean up after themselves and don’t damage the equipment it will stay that way. $8 a person to use the facilities. If you pay on-line you won’t have to check in and you can go straight to the range.”

Usery Mountain Regional Park

If you want a gorgeous outdoor park where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Arizona, look no further!

Usery Mountain National Park has close to 100 targets spread out over six different courses.

These include field and hunter practice fields and hunter target courses, and burlap and 3D animals.

Each year, Usery hosts 30 tournaments from multiple different clubs, giving you plenty of ways to enjoy bow shooting with yourself and others.

Even better, you can check out other amenities throughout this park, such as its attractive outdoor sitting areas and more.

These amenities can create an even more exciting archery experience.

For example, there are over 3,648 acres to explore where you can camp and 29 miles of trails to explore.

When visiting this park, make sure that you follow all safety regulations, such as always having plenty of water on you at all times when exploring the area.

Google Review

“Great place to stay for a few days. The spots are clean and neat. BBQ and picnic table at each spot. Great views and great park. We walked around and hiked some trails. The pond was really neat to check out, and so was the info center… Very close to the salt river as well!.”

  • Address: 3939 North Usery Pass Road, Mesa, AZ 85207
  • Contact Information: (602) 506-2930 extension 4
  • Website: https://www.maricopacountyparks.net/park-locator/usery-mountain-regional-park/
  • Hours: Daily, 8-4.

Lake Havasu City Sportsman’s Club

If you want a great shooting complex where you can enjoy your rifle, shotgun, and pistol alongside your bow, this is a great option for you!

This facility provides a comfortable archery range that doesn’t allow broadheads but is useful with all other types of arrows.

These include target areas provided by the club or purchased off-site elsewhere.

It is best to bring your own equipment to this range to get the best experience.

You may also want to join the club because you get seven-day-a-week access between sunrise and sunset.

However, the range is open to the public during seasonable periods, typically during frequent shooting times.

Membership is just $75 per year or $750 for a lifetime membership.

Safety rules include not loading any firearm or bow until you’re in your lane and ready to shoot.

Membership includes all your family members without paying extra and gives you one vote in club affairs, such as its officers.

Google Review

“LOVE this place, never any wait to use the various different ranges! For long rifles they have 50yd, 100yd, 200yd and 300yd. For pistol there are several private ranges you can set up multiple targets to practice real life situations. Hours are open to public Sat & Sun 8am – noon.”

  • Address: 7260 Sara Pkwy, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406, United States.
  • Contact Information: (928) 453-5404
  • Website: https://www.havasusportsman.com/
  • Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 8-12.

You Can Have Fun With Archery in Arizona

No matter your archery experience level, you should be able to find a fantastic and engaging archery range in Arizona.

These are just a few of the choices available to you, meaning that you can look for other ranges if these don’t satisfy you, such as if you need more specialized classes to improve your shooting skills.

However, we strongly believe that these are the best choices available to you, so why not call ahead to book a reservation with one of these ranges?

You can even call them to learn more about their membership options, as some may have adjustable fees or payment options that you can use to offset some of the expense.

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