A List Of The Best Archery Ranges In Florida

Florida is the land of sun and fun and is famous for its many amusement parks. It is also a popular hunting area, with many extensive game options that should provide more than enough excitement for any experienced hunter.

However, it is also filled with great archery ranges throughout the state.

And that’s what you’re here for, right?

These archery ranges vary from private clubs that require a membership to public spots that anyone can visit.

Some also provide the equipment you can rent for the day, while others need you to bring your own bow.

You can even get archery classes to improve your skills.

Let’s take a deep dive to examine the best archery ranges that Florida offers.

I’ll give you an excellent in-depth look at each of these ranges, including whether they require memberships and their hours if they don’t.

Note that many of these ranges are open year-round and let members come whenever they want with a passcode.

I’ll let you know which of these ranges falls under that heading.

Adventures Archery

Adventures Archery is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t own equipment but is interested in starting with a bow.

The well-fitted Pro Shop includes inexpensive rentals from professionals who can help you.

They’ll fit you with bows, arrows, targets, and other accessories to improve your experience.

They provide indoor range rental with more than fair pricing.

Each range costs $10 per hour when you bring your equipment and a further $10 per hour if you rent from them.

That gives you more than enough time to get in some fantastic shots and learn more about this sport.

Adventures Archery also offers private lessons from skilled experts who can help you improve your abilities.

These amenities make it one of the best archery centers in Florida for people who are new to the sport or just getting started.

Google Review

“What a wonderful time! This place is a hidden gem. John was a great teacher and very friendly. Most of all, we felt safe. Will definitely be looking at doing more with archery.”


  • Monday – Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

Flagler Gun & Archery Club

This range includes both gun and archery ranges, providing you with plenty of unique options.

Members get to enjoy four trap fields, three skeet fields, sporting clays, multiple rifle ranges, a pistol range, an action range, and the archery range, all in the same facility.

Members may access the range 365 days a year whenever they want, using a code that comes with membership.

Members can practice 3D archery in a comfortable environment that gives them plenty of chances to experiment with shooting poses and arrows.

Flagler also includes family picnics and social events that help you interact with similar archery enthusiasts.

While it is aimed more at gun shooting than archery, it provides more than enough opportunities for practicing this skill.

Google Review

“Learned a great deal of skills with shotgun(skeet), rifles, and some pistol.. Had to take some lessons of range etiquette the hard way with patient members and personal reflection. Over all great range to learn and shoot.”

  • Address: 1290 E County Road 90, Bunnell, FL 32110, United States
  • Contact Info: 1-888- 823 4251
  • Website: https://flaglergunclub.com/

Hours: Open year-round to members.

Membership fees: $150 initiation fee, $100 assessment fee, and $75 annual dues.

Central Florida Archery

Central Florida Archery is a great archery range for people interested in learning more about this skill.

They provide various hunting classes based on your skills.

Their basic hunting class is one hour and costs about $150, while the novice to intermediate classes cost between $60-120 per hour.

This archery center offers three different coaches to help with your training.

These include the owner Hendrick who has over 40 years of archery experience, including Olympic-level competition.

Visitors can bring their own equipment to learn more about high-quality archery.

This option is a good choice for those who are more serious about competitive archery competitions.

It also works well for people who want a public range that they can attend without paying membership fees.

The range can be rented by the hour beyond the offered classes.

Google Review

“Great range and getting better all the time. High quality targets so your arrows don’t punch through, small 3D section and a separate Olympic section that goes out to 70 meters. This is the perfect place for everyone, from serious to recreational archers and families.”

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 10 am to 5pm

Fort Lauderdale Archers

Fort Lauderdale Archers is a not-for-profit private club that provides 365-day access whenever you want to attend.

You must pay a $252 fee for the first year and $192 after that.

However, you get private access to a high-quality target range on a 40-acre course that includes a 90-meter FITA range.

This course also includes a lighted practice range of up to 80 yards that should push your skill to the next level.

It also includes three 3D courses designed for competition, a 28-target field course, and a FITA/900 Round competition course that provides skilled archers with many unique experiences.

Note that this group does not provide rental equipment, meaning you need to own bows and arrows before competing.

However, you get 24/7 access that lets you come and go whenever you want.

This course also includes multiple competitions and shoots to make it even more enjoyable.

Google Review

“Ft . Lauderdale Archers has been a part of the community for years. They assist non-profit youth groups by introducing them to the sport of archery. Archers get a very large facility and a friendly atmosphere to enjoy. This facility has been the location of many national and world tournaments. It has been a pleasure to be a part of Ft. Lauderdale Archers for the last 6 years. Thank you.”

Hours: Open 24/7, 365 days a year for members

Gold Coast Archers

Gold Coast Archers Club in Palm Beach County is a non-profit private range with 12 acres of fields and FITA ranges.

That include ranges from 10 to 100 yards to give you multiple different shooting choices.

You also get a field course and a 3D practice and tournament range for your membership.

Like most private clubs, it does not provide lessons, equipment, or classes but does include picnic tables, outdoor facilities, and a covered outdoor shooting range.

It holds monthly 3D shooting competitions and regional and state tournament competitions as well.

Members get 365 days a year access between dawn to dusk.

Memberships cost $175 yearly for one adult, $195 annually for up to five people in a family (one adult with up to four dependents), and $75 annually for those under 18.

College students pay just $100 if they have a full-time course load.

Google Review

“Great place if you have an interest in the sport and hobby of archery. Range is fantastic and more importantly the people/members are always very helpful and wonderful to be around.”

Hours: Dawn-to-dusk access for members, 365 days a year

Over To You

These are just a few of the best and most exciting archery ranges in Florida.

Each offers something a little bit different and is great for a broad range of archers – whether complete beginners, or those with more experience with a bow.

Hopefully this list gave you some ranges to try, and you’ll find one that’s best for you and your current experience level.

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