Best Archery Ranges In Calgary

Calgary, or C-Town, is such a fantastic place. And for so many different reasons. Better still is that there are a number of reputable archery ranges to visit and to shoot at.

But what ones deserve particular mention? What ranges should you be considering first and foremost?

I decided to research the different ranges and customer reviews to find out exactly what each range provides and the typical experience they offer.

So without further ado, lets get into it.

Calgary Archery Centre

360 Google Reviews with an average score of 4.5/5. That says quite a lot about the Calgary Archery Centre.

This is truly a centre; both a pro shop and home to one of Calgary’s largest indoor shooting ranges.

At the Archery centre you will find two different ranges; on the main level the range provides distances from 10 to 40 yards, and on the second level you can shoot from 20 yards.

Each range can accommodate up to 30 archers at any one time.

There are 16 3D targets that can be used for 3D shoots, equipment to be rented, and they also offer private and group lessons too!

Plus there are leagues and competitions to enter too.

And better yet, the centre is open daily!

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, not intimidating for beginners, good instruction, and very reasonably priced. Can’t recommend this place enough!

Google Review

Address: 4855 47 St SE, Calgary

Contact: 403-255-6830


Opening Hours:


Jim-Bows Archery Calgary

Jim-Bows Archery is a recognized name in archery circles in Calgary. And for good reason.

Again, this is an archery pro shop and indoor range combo.

They welcome anyone interested in archery to shoot; offering lanes that enable you to shoot at up to 20 yards. There is also a 20 target 3D course on site.

There are indoor shooting leagues, lessons, and group activities that you can book too. Whether that be birthdays, corporate events or meet-ups – Jim-Bows will host it.

“Jim and his team are amazing from the moment you walk into the door you feel welcomed and surrounded with experience, no mater if you’re new to archery or been doing it for years this is the place for you”.

Address: 620 46 Ave NE #102, Calgary, AB T2E 8M9

Contact: 03-250-7713


Opening Hours:


Cochrane Archery Club

The Cochrane Archery Club is a non-profit organization and as such is run entirely by volunteers.

That doesn’t stop the passion. If anything its quite the opposite.

Cochrane Archery club is committed to promoting archery to people of all ages, especially children. Although, adults are welcome to shoot aswell.

A level one certified coach is typically present; there to offer advice and provide support as and when required.

The indoor range provides targets set between 10-40m.

The outdoor range has additional targets up to 50m.

3D shoots occur from time to time during the indoor season.

There are even full size foam animal targets that are set up at interchangeable distances on the ranges to make shooting more exciting.

This club offers both single drop-ins and long-term memberships at fair and reasonable prices.

Memberships are available for individuals, families or you can book for groups.

Bow rental is also available.

Its a little drive from Calgary, around 30 mins, but well worth the effort should you decide to venture that far out.

“The team has a passion for what they do and they’ll be right there to help you with whatever you need! Range is well controlled to maintain safety and it is clean and tidy.”

Google Review

Address: RR 1 Site 13 Box 11, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A1,

Contact: 403-932-4143


Opening Hours:


Calgary and District Target Shooting Association

Just outside of the 201 that circles Calgary, you will find the Calgary and District Target Shooting Association (CDSTA)

While you will find an impressive and widely used archery range here, CDSTA provides rifle, handgun, and shotgun range too. This is all on the ‘Shepherd’ site and grounds.

And its all outside; nothing like shooting in the great outdoors on a warm, sunny day.

You do need to become a member however as this is a “member’s only” range and offers no walk-in shooting.

Well maintained private range inside city limits. CDTSA makes the range facility a joy to visit, and the location makes it very popular with Calgary locals.

Google Review

Address: Range Rd 285, Rocky View County, AB

Contact: 403-275-3257


Opening Hours:


Archery Games Calgary

Not a range, but more of an archery game center – its certainly worthy of mention.

The purpose of the game is to have fun, all through competitive archery in a combat arena!

It’s an archery experience for those aged 12 and over.

It’s a combination of dodgeball & archery where the ultimate objective is to eliminate the other team by tagging all of the opposing players with your foam-tipped arrows.

Its fast paced and action packed, but no experience is necessary. Its entirely safe and all games are officiated by a referee.

There are various archery games and modes to try and teams can be up to 8 people at a time.

“I had never played before my first game last month, but now I’ll be here all summer! The staff were energetic, fun, and forgiving of my lack of skill…so fun, in fact, that myself and my coworkers ended up joining a league – we decided this right after our first game too.

The games are a workout and it feels like a cool skill worth having and I love the sportsmanship and team aspects of the Archery Games atmosphere. The community and players are welcoming and I am excited to be part of it.”

Google Review

Address: Range Rd 285, Rocky View County, AB

Contact: 587-387-2799


Opening Hours:

WednesdayOpen only for bookings
Saturday12 noon–8pm
Sunday12 noon–3pm
MondayOpen only for bookings
TuesdayOpen only for bookings


So there you have it.

Several archery-only ranges – some with pro shops, and others where other types of shooting takes place.

Then, a fun, fast paced action packed game at the end to round it off. Certainly something to consider for an event, party, or meet-up!

Nevertheless, there are several options when it comes to archery in Calgary.

Contact a few, make some inquiries.

And if you want a recommendation; start with Jim-Bows.

Wondering where the best archery ranges are in other Canadian states. My guides below may be of help: