The Best Archery Ranges in and around Detroit, Michigan

Finding new archery ranges to explore can be hard but I found the best archery ranges in Detroit, Michigan that will have everything you need.

A list of the best archery ranges in Detroit, Michigan:

  • Big Rock Archery
  • Detroit Archers Archery Club

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan! It has inspired everyone that has visited this great city. Known as “motor city” for its industrial history and also creating the beginning of the great Mo Records.

This city is huge and there are plenty of archery ranges around to be explored. I have narrowed it down to some of the best two to visit while you are in Detroit, Michigan.

Big Rock Archery

Big Rock Archery is one of the newer archery ranges built in the area in 2017. It is a full-service archery shop as well!

This archery range is owned by a successful businessman who also owns Top Gun Shooting Sports. The wonderful staff is well-qualified and experienced in bow technician skills and also provides training classes.

3D Archery

Their 3D archery is an indoor shooting range. This will include different animals as 3D targets to be able to shoot at 20 yards. They also offer paper archery as a substitution.

Elevated 3D Archery

The elevated 3D Archery range uses animals of 3D targets at different elevations to allow the archer to train and enhance their skills in a real-life setting.

Traditional Target Archery

Their traditional archery is 20-yard shooting ranges that use paper targets for the archer to shoot at.

This type of range is great for any archer that is beginning and needs to learn the basics of aiming.

Archery Range Cost

Their archery range costs our per hour a range anywhere from $12-16. Anyone of any age and level is welcome to participate.

You can rent their equipment or bring your own as well.

They do have specials for those who buy a bow from their pro shop with free-range time.

And if you are a member you can get even more benefits!

Membership Prices

  • Regular: $299 a year
  • Renewal (must be renewed prior to expiration): $280 a year
  • Law enforcement, military, and first responders get a discount on any membership (with current credentials): 15% discount
  • 5-year membership: $999
  • Family (up to 2 included $25 ea. add.): $440 a year

Archery Classes

Hunter’s Safety

This class is offered to participants under 12 years old that must have a parent or guardian to attend the class with them.

This is a 2-day course that is held to help teach the basics of hunting with firearms and a bow. It will teach you how to use a bow in hunting and the proper way to handle this equipment.

Hunter’s safety is required by most states (check to make sure your state requires it) in order to purchase a hunting license.

Price: $10 for a full course

Private Lessons

The price of these lessons varies but it is a great opportunity to learn from the best archers around.


They don’t offer the most advance classes yet for archers looking to enhance their skills. Top Gun mainly focuses on shooting a firearm and has more options for that route.

BUT! with the archery addition being newer, they are working on building on more classes and more options for archers of any level.

Hours of Operation:


Detroit Archers

The Detroit Archers Archery Club is one of the oldest archery clubs in Detroit with over 95 years of experience. AND its one of the biggest archery ranges around!

Outdoor Range

The Detroit Archers Club has 3 outdoor ranges. These ranges have 28 archery targets of varying distances and shooting positions.

These ranges are amazing and not many archery ranges offer an outdoor range with such diversity. It really gives the archer a sense of real-life situations.

Groomed Field Course

I have never heard of this until I found this club.

There are 14 stations with distances ranging from 5-80 yards! All located outside!

They call it a groomed field course because you can walk through the property of the club and find different ranges all well maintained with different scenarios for archers to practice on.

Bale Target Range

This range ranges from 20-65 yards to practice your aiming and shooting skills.

This is a great range for any archer but it is amazing for beginning archers trying to learn to aim better.

3D Range

The 3D range contains 30 targets that are 3D animals. They are different animals at have different elevations to create different scenarios that the archer might find themselves while hunting.

Archery Classes

Indoor JOAD/Adult USAA Achievement Program

This is a 20-week program.

This is meant to be an instructional league that members have to take in order to join a club league.

The JOAD is open to any youth archer from ages 8-20 and is designed to help grow the archer. It covers the fundamentals of proper form and as they grow the instructor teaches the archer more advance techniques.


  • $10 registration fee
  • Kids (12& under) $100
  • Adult (member) $160
  • Adult (non-member) $200
  • Equipment rental $2

Saturday Archers

Saturday Archers offers basic and intermediate archery instructions for beginning adults and children in our indoor target range.  FITA/NFAA/3D targets will be used.  All equipment is provided.  Classes are on a “come as you can” basis.

Children under 16 require a parent or guardian to be present during the lessons.

Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can get you set up with the right bow and arrows. This allows you and everyone else to get more shooting in.  It is easier to shoot if you do not wear loose-fitting clothing (e.g. hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.)


  • Youth (under 18) $10
  • Adults (members) $15
  • Adults (non-members) $15

Hunter’s Safety Course

They offer a Spring session and a Fall session as well.

Prices and course description, you will need to call Ron McLaughlin: (586) 254-7922

JCC Summer Camps

This is a summer program that stretches over a 3 month period.

For Pre-registration (which is required) you can call (248) 432-5578 or visit their website.

Anyone youth the ages 6-16 can join and there are also weekly day camps available that conjoin with the JCC Summer camp.

These camps focus on basic archery skills in a target archery setting. They focus primarily on safety and archery etiquette.

All equipment will be provided and you can’t bring your own.

Open Shooting

They have an indoor and outdoor range that is open to the public. The indoor ranges, you are required to use their rental equipment but the outdoor range, you are more than welcome to bring your own.

There is no time limit for using the shooting range like most archery ranges! You literally pay a one-time fee and shoot for as long as you want.


Non-Member Adult: $15.00
Non-Member Youth 17 And Under: $10.00
Detroit Archers Members: FREE

Another great thing about this place is that the rental equipment is FREE for open shooting range use.

*Keep in mind, they only take cash for open shooting and your also need to fill out a waiver before you can start.


When you become a member with Detroit Archers you get to shoot on any of their three outdoor range at any time.

Throughout the year, they hold different events for all archers. As a member, these events are available to you with huge savings that non-members don’t get.

Their membership has included

  • Bowhunter Jamboree
  • 3D shoots
  • Safari with full-size animal targets
  • Tri-County Tournaments

Hours of Operation:



Detroit, Michigan offers many archery ranges all around the area and they are very welcoming to any archers willing to grow their skills.

These two archery ranges are my favorite because of the diversity in the ranges they offer.

Most ranges around only have a few shooting lanes offered to the public and are a pretty basic skill set available.

But Big Rock Archery and Detroit Archers Archery Club help every archer at any level grow and learn something new while having a fun time doing it!

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