What is a Kisser Button? Simple Hack to Improve Accuracy

Shortly before my first official bowhunting season, I wanted to find ways to improve the accuracy of my compound bow. That’s when I heard about the kisser button. I was immediately interested in what the kisser button was and how it could help me take archery to the next level.

Simply put, a kisser button is a little plastic part that attaches to your bowstring. It aligns right between your lips and will help you stay consistent with your shooting by giving you a consistent reference point. This inexpensive device serves as an anchor point on your bow to provide accurate hits with each shot.

During my search, I found a lot of information about kisser buttons and all the various features that are offered. I also found that many people question why one would need this when they use a sight.

Today, I will answer this question, as well as go over the more detail on kisser buttons, how to use them, and where to get them.

Do I Need a Kisser Button?

The kisser button doesn’t necessarily help you aim. Instead, it helps you anchor your shots in the same place every time.

The purpose of the kisser button is simply to give the archer a reference point while aiming. It’s most often used by Olympic recurve archers. It’s not meant to take the place of the peep sight, which leads me to my next point.

Using a Kisser Button with a Peep Sight

Using the kisser button and the peep sight simultaneously can cause some issues, especially if not installed correctly. By having two different reference points while shooting, you’re likely to throw off head positioning and aim.

Even some of the most advanced archers have trouble using both at the same time.

Imagine drawing back your bow to shoot and aligning your kisser button to your lips. You think you are ready to shoot, except you can’t see through your peep sight.

Now, this usually happens when either of the items hasn’t been installed correctly, but still results in less than perfect shots.

With this being said, kisser buttons can be a GREAT help to archers. By keeping them focused on shooting, archers are less likely to overthink their form.

Don’t get too caught up in the kisser button. Just ensure that your peep sight’s properly installed. Remember, it’s simply a second reference point, and not meant to take place of your sight.

Where and How Do I Place the Kisser Button on my Bow?

To install a kisser button, you’ll need a few simple supplies. Grab the following tools:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Tape Measure
  • Clamps that come with the kisser button
  • A friend to help you adjust

Grab your tape measure, and measure about one to two inches from the top of the D-loop. Place the kisser button here.

Now grab your friend. Draw back your bow, and have your friend make adjustments of the kisser button. It should align right between your lips at the corner of your mouth. Be sure that the split in the button is facing away from your lips.

Now that the kisser button’s aligned, its time to place the clamps. Your kisser button should come with instructions for this, but most are pretty easy to install. Just be sure that when using slotted kisser buttons, the open end of the clamp faces opposite the open end of the split in the button.

Once placed, use the pliers to crimp the clamps into place for a secure fit.

I recommend watching a youtube video for your specific kisser button. Watching someone else show you is probably better than me trying to explain it, and will give you the best results.

You can also reach out to your local outdoor feed/tactical store, or a bigger store such as Bass Pro Shops. Many times, there are professionals there that can fine-tune the placement of your bow attachments to ensure accurate shots.

Will a Kisser Button Affect My Bow?

Most kisser buttons are so small in size, they are VERY unlikely to affect your bow at all. Some archers say that it slows down the arrow speed, but it shouldn’t slow it down enough to make or break a shot.

Keep in mind that anything you add to your bow has the potential to slow it down. You just have to weigh the benefits with the risks and decide which helps you the most.

What are some of the Best Kisser Buttons?

Draves Marketing Komfort Kiss

With 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, there are many reasons to choose this kisser button.

It is so easy to install thanks to the split down its side. It can simply slip over the string without having to take it off.. It’s one of the bigger kisser buttons but is a great option for beginner archers.

Reviewers report that is has a soft, comfortable design that doesn’t add any noise or vibrations to your bow.

Thanks to the included clamps, you can tighten it so that it has a smooth and flat finish (a plus for those archers with facial hair). It also comes in a few different colors that you can easily personalize to your style.

This is the one that I would go with personally. It is not on Prime, but shipping is free and still very fast. You can find it here.

Pine Ridge Archery Slotted Kisser Button

Much like the one above, the Pine Ridge Slotted kisser also comes with two clamps and can slide onto your bowstring with ease. It comes very highly rated on Amazon and is a very inexpensive button to add to your archery arsenal.

The reason this comes in second is the material and the clamps.

It is a harder plastic than the Draves Marketing kisser button and doesn’t seem to be as comfortable and sleek. However, it’s still a softer plastic than others and gets 5 stars from users for its durability.

Most complaints are that the clamps are difficult to fit properly, which is very important to make consistent shots.

This brand of kisser button also offers a wide variety of colors, even more than the Draves Marketing Kisser. This makes it easy to add style to your bow and give it a personal touch. It also comes in larger sizes for those archers just starting out who need to adjust to the kisser button.

This kisser also comes as part of a package on Amazon that has a peep sight, nitro string loop, and kisser button altogether in matching colors!

Allen Kisser Button

The Allen Kisser Button (link to Amazon) comes very highly rated. Its made of a soft polymer material, much like the Draves Marketing kisser. Users report that the material helps it absorb shock nicely and is very lightweight and comfortable.

It is slotted and comes with clamps, however, it only comes in the color black so it’s not much for style. With that being said, the shock absorbing and lightweight material make this a really great option!

In conclusion, the kisser button is a great little tool to help you with your archery form. It is small, very inexpensive, and can easily be found on Amazon. It is a little addition to your archery arsenal that could make a big difference. I encourage you to try it out and see how it can help you.

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Where Do You Put The Peep Sight On A Bow?

Bring your bow into full draw and look straight ahead. Using the eye you will be shooting with, have a friend mark that spot on the string. Follow the instructions for your peep sight to install it on the string.

What Size Peep Sight Do I Need?

Well, it depends. There are many factors that come into play when choosing a peep sight. A small peep sight is perfect for those who need a very tight, accurate shot- such as when shooting small game. However, its best used during daylight only and for those without vision problems.A larger peep sight is good for those with vision problems, aging eyes, those who shoot from different levels/angles, and who shoot during the early mornings or late evenings when light isn’t that bright.