The Best Archery Ranges in and around Madison, Wisconsin

While trying to enhance my archery skills, I found the best archery ranges are found in Madison, Wisconsin.

What are the best archery ranges in Madison, Wisconsin?

  • Blackhawk Bowhunters
  • Valkyrie Archery Lanes
  • Deerfield Pistol & Archery Center

Now, if you are like me, I never really thought there was much in Wisconsin; let alone Madison. Its a huge city and is widely known for the technology advancements that take place here.

But what does Madison have in store for a archer? They have some pretty amazing archery ranges that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Blackhawk Bowhunters

Blackhawk Bwhunters Archery is in fact a archery club. So let’s just jump right into the Membership benefits and fees.


Annual Plans:

  • Single-$65
  • Family-$90
  • Youth-$30
  • Student-$30
  • Senior-$30

Now these memberships are also tied with some working hours that go toward the club. This can be anywhere from 8-12 hours worth of work that the club puts toward your membership.

Now, there are options for Non-Working Memberships:

  • Single-$160
  • Family-$235
  • Youth-$130
  • Senior-$125

Six-month Plans

  • Single-$60
  • Family-$80
  • Youth-$30
  • Student-$30
  • Senior-$30

Once again these are memberships that include working hours (anywhere from 4-6 hours that are put toward the club).

There are options for Non-Working Memberships:

  • Single-$110
  • Family-$175
  • Youth-$80
  • Senior-$80

So why would I give you the rates first? Honestly there rates are very inexpensive for all the benefits that come with a membership. I wanted to get cost out of the way so we can focus on the FUN PART!

Membership Benefits:

  • All season league shooting from youth to advanced
  • Indoor and Outdoor shooting range
  • The clubhouse includes 16 shooting lanes and a kitchen & bar
  • Separate outdoor practice areas for target and broadhead
  • 28-target outdoor headboard/3D range and 14- target NFAA range
  • Annual host to Bortex Open and Indoor/Outdoor shoots (special events)
  • This is a non-profit organization so all money goes into the facilities
  • Special Crossbow areas and use is allowed

You can find their online registration and payment here!

This is an amazing club and they strive to bring more for their members every year. I can’t even begin to tell you of all the archery leagues they offer. There are so many I couldn’t fit into this article.

Blackhawk Bowhunters offer its members the opportunity to enhance your hunting skills as well as shooting skills. So let’s dive into all the archery ranges they have available.

Outdoor Ranges

They offer 6 outdoor practice range lanes that are meant for field tip target shooting. The lanes range from 20-80 yards.

They have 3 outdoor practice range lanes for broadhead practice shooting. Those target ranges are 20-40 yards long.

They have 28 outdoor broad heard targets that have rock -free dirt bunkers.

14 outdoor range lanes have NFAA compressed bales for target shooting ranging from 10-80 meters.

They have 14 outdoor range lanes for season 3D targets.

And they even have 3 outdoor ranges that are elevated with stable shooting platforms to practice hunting in more realistic scenarios.

Obviously, the amount you pay for a membership would pay itself off with the skills and fun would would obtain from becoming a member of this amazing archery club.

Let alone! Being around other archers that take their passion so seriously can be very motivating and builds a strong community for any archer to join.

Hours of Operation:

Dusk to Dawn is when this club is open for their members!

It may vary seasonal wise year around but they usually keep their doors open.

Valkyrie Archery Lanes

This is such a fun and different archery shooting range that I have ever been to. Yes, as an archer we all want to sharpen our skills but there is also a time to just let loose and have fun!

The Valkyrie Archery Lane offers various classes for anyone who is looking to start up archery or refine their skills.

All their classes can be found on their facebook page.


Lesson-Single person: This is a one hour intermediate or beginner class to help get a feel for the equipment. You can bring your own bow or they have rental equipment available. This is $30 for the entire hour.

Bow Tuning and Setup: This is a great way to get your bow set up and tuned by an expert. It is a full hour on individualized attention specific to your needs for you and your equipment.

You can do a complete set up for your new bow or bring in your old bow for a little extra love. This is a $40 service.

This service includes:

  • Tillering
  • Timing
  • Rest Positioning
  • String maintenance
  • Axle inspection
  • String repair
  • Peep location
  • Paper tuning
  • Installation of accessories and bow repair.

Lesson for 2 People: This is for beginners, intermediate, or advanced archers. You can bring your own equipment or rent their bows at the store.

This is to help get a better feel for your bow and advance your skills with a friend or partner to make it more fun.

(Great idea for a date!)

This service cost $50 for an entire hour.


What makes this place so different is their amazing events.

Now you have to keep up with their calendar to make sure you stay up to date with all the cool events that pop up.

From leagues and tournaments, to fun events for the whole family.

Balloon Shooting

This is a party event or a competition as well if you wanted to. A huge wall has different color balloons that represent different levels of difficulty shooting. The more balloons you hit and the colors with the most difficulty the more points you will gain.

This is just one of several fun events that will be great for the whole family to enjoy.

Hours of operation:


Deerfield Pistol & Archery Center

The Deerfield Pistol & Archery Center range is very well known and has amazing reviews from everyone. They are also a firearms range if you dabble in both areas.

They offer an archery range that includes 5-65 foot lanes that accommodate every archer. Each partitioned lane provides the archer with a high-speed target that positions and retrieves for you.

How amazing is that!

THERE….is also an observation room for anyone who would like to watch.

Range Cost

  • 1 Hour-$175
  • 2 Hour-$332
  • 3 Hour-$472
  • 4 Hour-$595
  • 5 Hour-$700
  • 6 Hour-$787
  • 7 Hour-$857
  • 8 Hour-$910

They also do offer different packages for groups with some discount options.



This can be a 1 hour to a 2 hour class and varies from $60-125 depending on how long you want the class to go for.

This is a one on one class and is great for beginners to learn their equipment and to learn the basics of shooting and safety.


This is only an hour-long class and is $60. This is for experienced shooters that are looking to sharpen and heighten their skills.

This is a one on one class and you can get training on specific topics.

Hours of Operation:



There is a lot to do in Wisconsin but visiting each of these archery ranges will give you a different experience that will help you grow as an archery but also have some fun.

I would take a day to visit each range and I encourage you to take the whole family. Could be a really fun day for an archery road map adventure.

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