The Best Archery Ranges in and around Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is a city in Colorado that lies on the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It has an adventure waiting for any true outdoor lover and that is including archery.

Colorado Springs will blow your mind away with a spectacular view. Any outdoorsmen/women will love the opportunity of archery ranges with this beautiful scenery and the wildlife that surrounds it.

Here’s a list of the best archery ranges in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park Archery Range
  • Archery School of the Rockies

From hiking trails and old cog railways leading to the summit of Pikes Peak, the archery ranges around here will make any hunter feel like they are in a natural setting along with beautiful mountain views.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park Archery Range

Cheyenne Mountain State Park Archery Range is located at the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain State Park. It has covered shooting lines with targets at 10 to 80 yards and offers a 3D walking trail for archers to practice on.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park requirements state,

“All vehicles MUST display a valid parks pass and self serve day passes are available on site. A $3 individual permit is required to access the Field/3D range, available for purchase on-site, and must be kept on your person for inspection at all times. The archery ranges are open from sunrise to sunset.”


  • Annual passes: $80 for a parking pass
  • Annual passes: $30 for 3D range
  • Day Pass: $8 parking pass
  • Day Pass: $3 for 3D archery shooting/walking range

This state park is open all year round for people to enjoy nature on warm or cool days. They offer programs for kids and have camping options as well.

Now the state park didn’t always offer the archery range. It wasn’t until 2013 when they built and opened this service.

They had so many people that were avid archers and hunters coming around that it only seemed fitting to make such a fun and cool experience possible.

Kids Shooting Range

The Kids shooting range is off to the side when you arrive. It goes from 10-20 yards with different lanes. This range offers a limited draw-weight range for 35lbs or less for kids and youth.

They also have beginning archery classes offered throughout the summer months. This is a great opportunity for your little ones!

Static Archery Range

The actual archery range has targets at 10-yard intervals from 10-80 yards. This is perfect for beginners to experience archers that have a heavier draw weight of more than 35lbs.

The park also offers a pavilion with a roof to provide shelter from the sun and weather for archers to take a break.

There is no additional charge to use the static range. 

3D Archery Range 

The 3D target/walking range is amazing with life-size animal targets. It is a full trail that takes you through nature. I will say that most of the targets are uphill, but this is great for practice.

There are 28 field targets with 3D animals all together along the walking trail.

For archers convenience, there are vault style restrooms, picnic tables, and bow racks in the area.  

Hours of Operation:

Sun up to Sundown!


Another cool idea would be to camp! They offer camping here so that would be a great vacation for the family!

Cost-wise! This place is amazing. Even if you go for one visit it will be worth it and won’t hurt your wallet. Maybe you are thinking about moving to Colorado and want a place to be able to practice.

An annual pass would be a great option and still doesn’t hurt the wallet too much. Either way, you need to check this park out!

Archery School of the Rockies

This archery school is amazing and really prides itself on training up the best archers! They have coached archers in the Olympic trials and the Paralympic team.

Not only do they work with competitive archers but they work with archers for casual shooting or those who are focused on bagging the buck for hunting season.

Archery School of the Rockies (ASR) states,

” The goals of our archers vary, but so does everything else about our archers!  We have archers of all levels and abilities. Our youngest archer is four while the oldest recently celebrated her 93rd birthday.  One of the great pleasures ASR gets is getting to adapt archery to anyone at all.”

ASR really prides themselves on the wide range of age group and skill that they work with which is why you need to come by and see what they have to offer.


Each team has a dedicated coach who is certified through the USA Archery. Each coach is passionate about growing and teaching their team and they prove that with all their coaches being volunteers.

JOAD Teams

This is for youth shooters. They have five teams all together available to youth archers who are looking to compete and sharpen their skills.

USA Archery Team

This is their adult archery team that trains for competition and fun.

*They offer teams for people with disabilities as well to enjoy the sport or to compete.

Military Team

Veterans and active-duty military from all branches are welcome and make up their military team.

*They even offer a team for first responders who are interested in joining.


Beginners Lessons:

  1. One Time Lesson- this is 1 hour with a USA Archery coach and includes all the needed equipment for $25.
  2. Monthly Special- this includes 5-1 hour with a USA Archery coach and the use of all needed equipment (this price varies for each month) *Go to monthly special to check out the price fo this month!

Advanced Lessons:

*Archers are required to have their own equipment at this point from the beginner’s class and should be able to shoot at 18meter/ 20yard range. (They still will have equipment available if needed.)

  1. One Time Lesson- this includes 1 hour with a USA Archery coach and includes all equipment for $25.
  2. Monthly Special- this includes 5-1 hour with a USA Archery coach and the use of all needed equipment (this price varies for each month) *Go to monthly special to check out the price fo this month!

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are offered as one on one with an instructor that can be scheduled with the head coach and pricing will vary.

Homeschool Classes:

Classes are offered to fit homeschool schedules and requirements for students. The classes are 1 hour long.

This program offers 4 separate blocks which each of them is 6 weeks with 1 (1)hour class per week. Each class is taught by a certified coach.

You will learn your stance, release, and form as well as range shooting, scoring, and 3D shooting and much more.


  • 1-5 (family members/friends)$78 per a person per 6-week block
  • 6-10 (family members/ friends)$68 per a person per 6-week block

Membership Options:

This is a great option if you plan on attending alot. This will be a contract that allows the archer to (ASR states on their website):

  • Unlimited access to the ASR archery range during normal hours of operation
  • Unlimited use of class equipment which may include but is not limited to bows, arrows, arm guards, ground quivers, targets, and target butts
  • Unlimited coaching from ASR certified archery coaches
  • 5% discount on all pro-shop equipment and supplies
  • Participation in our teams


You can go in during their operation hours and talk to anyone about this option. They have open shooting at their hourly rate which is listed above.

Hours of operation:


Colyer Dermody (ASR Member) states,

“These guys are the best. Hands down.
If you want an awesome range to shoot at, or need a repair/tune/new bow, they’ve got you covered. I’ve been shooting here for about 8 months now and have never had a complaint.

Super helpful staff that’s not afraid to give advice or a nudge in the right direction. If you’ve got a problem, they can handle it. “


If you are in Colorado Springs even for just a day you need to check both of these places out.

I live all the way in Virginia and these are now on my bucket list for places to visit because of how amazing they are!

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