21 Bowhunting Gifts for Women That Will Make Her Hunt Easy

As a female archer, I have found many things that I love to use when bowhunting. To make it easy for you, I have compiled a huge list of the top 21 amazing bowhunting gifts that would make a great gift for you or a loved one!

I’ve even provided affiliate links to Bass Pro Shops and Amazon to make shopping even easier for you.

Here is a quick snapshot of the top 21 Bowhunting Gifts for Women:

  1. 3D Target
  2. Women Specific Camo Clothes
  3. Hand and Feet warmers
  4. Range Finder
  5. Hunting Knife
  6. Ground Blind
  7. Game Camera
  8. Bow Sling
  9. Bow Case
  10. String Wax
  11. Gear Bag/tote
  12. Travel Toolkit
  13. Deer Grunt Calls
  14. Ladder Stand
  15. Safety Harness
  16. Scent Controller
  17. Yeti Cooler
  18. Hunting Boots
  19. Release
  20. Arm Guard
  21. Trip to an archery range

Now, let’s dive in a bit deeper into these archery gifts!

3D Target

This is a great option that all bowhunter’s need- not just women. You can never practice enough, so these are a super-easy way to get some practice in without having to go to a range. They are fairly inexpensive and can be found online and shipped to you easily.

This Rhinehart 3D Jimmy Big Tine Archery Target is a nice, simple model from a good brand that I would recommend:

Women Specific Camo Clothes

No two hunts are exactly alike- one way being the weather. The same old hunting outfit is not going to cut it for every hunt. It is a good idea to have a few different functional pieces in your wardrobe so that no matter the weather (snow, rain, sunny and warm), you are prepared for the day of hunting ahead.

Also, depending on what you are hunting, you may need different styles of camouflage. Keep this in mind while shopping for hunting clothing.

These are a few nice pieces to have on hand for various hunts. I always recommend waterproof, because you never know what situation you might find yourself in. Plus, you can always take off clothing that is too warm, but you can only put on the clothes you bring with you, so plan ahead and dress warmly.

This Bass Pro Shops Thermal Crew for Ladies is great for layering. It keeps you warm while also wicking away moisture to keep you comfortable while in the stand:

And these pants and jacket from SHE Outdoor are waterproof AND insulated:

And I always use a simple cap, like this SHE Outdoor TrueTimber Cap, to keep my ponytail out of my face:

Hand and Feet warmers

This one doesn’t even need explaining, but I am going to anyway.

There is NO better feeling than when you are hunting, its cold, but you can reach into your pockets and have these cozy contraptions in there to warm up your hands. And they aren’t just limited to hands. They make warmers that go in your socks, on your back and legs, everywhere.

It is beyond easy nowadays to stay warm while on a hunt.

You even have a few options as far as the type of warmers. There are the HeatMax Hot Hands, which you can buy in bulk from Amazon:

There are also electric ones that can be reused over and over. The BESKAR Rechargeable Hand Warmers can even be used as a portable power bank to recharge your phone if necessary.

Whichever you use, I recommend taking warmers with you on almost every hunt. These are definitely staples in my hunting tote. I don’t know of any woman whose hands and feet aren’t cold most of the time anyway- so this is a great investment that will help you enjoy hunting more- no matter the weather.

Range Finder

Ok, this one is a favorite of mine. I don’t have perfect eyesight anyway, but I hate trying to judge the right distance between me and my target. This has never been my strong suit and my husband is totally the opposite.

By using a rangefinder, you are most likely going to keep an accurate shot which is absolutely critical while in the middle of an active hunt.

Why waste time trying to guess your way through a shot, when you can get near-perfect ranges in an instant.

The Vortex Ranger 1300 is a great option for those women out there who are clumsy (like me!). Vortex has a lifetime warranty so if you happen to break your rangefinder, Vortex will fix it or replace it. Get it here:

Hunting Knife

I get easily frustrated. I will admit it.

One thing that gets under my skin (no pun intended) the most is when I am trying to skin an animal, but I am failing thanks to an old, dull knife. Granted, I do leave the skinning up to my husband quite often, but when I am helping, a dull knife will aggravate me real quick!

Save the women hunters in your life this frustration.

Get them a quality knife that can be used to skin a deer.

I just found Lovely Knives and Leather and they can customize a knife set for you, and even has a knife and pendant set! This is on my wish list now!

Ground Blind

Ground blinds are a perfect gift for lady bowhunters. It is always nice for those rainy days where you are in the woods.

Ground blinds are popular and fairly inexpensive. I think that every hunter should have one as a second option to a tree stand.

There are different sizes and they all come with different options, such as zipping doors and screened windows.

I recommend the BlackOut X83 Hub-Style Ground Blind in TrueTimber Kanati.

Set up is super easy (under 1 minute)!

And the zippers are incredibly quiet which is awesome for hunting scenarios.

There’s plenty of room for 2 people and perfect for drawing your bow. The window placement is perfect for shooting up or down in varied topography.

Get yours from Bass Pro Shops here:

Bonus gift idea:

A comfortable chair will make all the difference during those hours in the woods. I recommend the BlackOut Swivel Hard-Arm Chair, available form Bass Pro Shops.

Game Camera

A game camera is a classic gift. There is always a newer version coming out, and it’s never a bad thing to have extra cameras- so you can place them in multiple spots. If you know where the game is, you can be a better hunter.

Along with the Game Camera, be sure to get a high memory SD card so that you don’t miss important footage because of low storage.

Different cameras have different options depending on what you need. I would always opt for one with night vision, so you don’t miss any early morning footage. A high Mega-Pixel camera is a great feature to look for, as well as a far distance range.

I personally would go with the Browning Strike Force Trail Camera, being as Browning is a very highly rated brand.

However, the Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera is a comparable option with great reviews and comes with a 32 GB SD card:

Bow Sling

I prefer to use a bow sling. Especially on longer hunts or when I am hunting a lot of land because I know I will be doing a lot of walking around. I don’t want to have to deal with packing my bow along with all my other gear.

There are a lot of great options. A woman bowhunter might choose a smaller, more lightweight sling for increased comfort.

The Allen Company Compound Bow Carrying Sling is nice, although it involves a little more work during the hunt to take it in and out. But it would also protect your bow while you are moving.

Bow Case

A bow case is A MUST.

By not using a case, you put your expensive bow at risk of damage. Whether you use a hardshell case or a softshell case, either will work well to protect your bow.

This gift idea is calling all women bowhunters who are also mothers. A hard shell bow case is a necessity. My son loves to try to mess with my bow and accessories when its out and my hardshell case has saved my bow multiple times from the rowdy kids.

This Plano Fusion Case in Pink is super cute, with the splashes of pink all over.

String Wax

Bowstring wax is an easy, quick item that can make a big difference in your bow’s performance. Every bowhunter should have bow wax in her arsenal and use it often. It is very inexpensive and easy to carry.

I like to use this .30-06 Snot Lube 3 Pack for Compounds multipack so I can keep some at home, as well as in my hunting tote and bow case:

Speaking of my gear bag…

Gear Bag/Tote

I love to use a gear tote to keep all my supplies and hunting equipment together in one spot so I know where my things are when I need them. My husband doesn’t care as much, but me being a woman, I like to keep my things organized.

This Sterilite Footlocker is the one I got for me and my husband. It is big enough to hold most all of our gear and has handles to help carry it. I took mine a step further, and personalized mine with decals and stickers to make it more feminine:

Travel Toolkit

A travel hunting toolkit is the pouch that I keep close by while on a hunting trip. I put critical items in this pouch, like bowstring wax, small tools that I might need to adjust my bow a little, etc.

I have even gone old school and put together a little fanny pack with my must-have backup gear. Although, my current setup is much more stylish. I opt to sport a backpack style pouch that can also hold a water bottle and other important things. I recommend the Huntvp Hunting Waist Pack:

Deer Grunt Calls

Deer grunt calls are widely used by hunters to attract deer. This is another item that I keep in my travel kit, to grab when I need to bring the deer my direction. Widely found and not hard on the wallet, this is a super easy gift for women bowhunters.

This Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call comes in pink camo, perfect for a lady bowhunter.

It has adjustable tone and pitch for and can be used in all types of weather:

Ladder Stand

A ladder stand is a great gift option for the lady bowhunter in your life. Get one with padded seats and a padded back to ensure maximum comfort while hunting.

SAFETY TIP: You should ALWAYS use a TMA recognized safety harness when hunting from a tree stand!

I like The Maxim Ladder Stand by Big Game Treestands for their rock-solid construction and comfortable seats. You can get it from Bass Pro Shops here:

If you like to go hunting with your friends or significant other, a 2 person ladder stand is perfect.

Also a good option if you just want to have plenty of room up in the tree!

Definitely check out The Partner 2-Person Ladder Stand by Muddy:

Bonus tip: Grab some tree stand accessories, such as screw-in cup holders or bow hooks, to make the hours in the stand be more comfortable.

Safety Harness

In my opinion, a safety harness shouldn’t even be an option for hunters while in a tree stand. A hunt can quickly go from fun to frantic with one wrong step, and a safety harness will keep you from falling to the ground and ruining your hunt.

This harness is light and easy to use and features my favorite color- blue! The Hunter Safety System X-1 Safety Harness is perfect for women:

Scent Controller

As a woman, I like to use products in my daily routine that smell fantastic. These smells are great in my everyday life but are not so good while hunting.

Strong scents can and will scare off deer.

I always buy those scent control kits from the store that have a multipack of scent blocking deodorant, shampoo/body wash, scent control spray, and laundry detergent. I use this before all my hunts to get rid of any strong smells that might scare off the game.

I always wait for the kits to go on sale and then stock up to use myself, or gift to friends throughout the year.

I use the Dead Down Wind kit available from Amazon here:

Yeti Cooler

A YETI cooler is a very versatile gift for the lady bowhunter in your life. It can be used for multiple things.

I have used my cooler for things like temporarily storing deer meet, to even using a smaller one to pack lunch or drinks while on an all-day hunt.

I like YETI Tundra 35 Cooler because it is the highest-rated cooler guaranteed to keep your items cool for days! Find the Yeti here:

The YETI Roadie 20 Cooler is smaller and better for lunches or drinks for one:

Hunting Boots

Hunting boots are such a great gift for the lady bowhunter in your life. They can wear out quickly, especially if used often and on rough terrain, so having a few pairs on hand is a great idea.

Again, there are different options depending on the types of hunt you do. I recommend these TideWe Hunting Boots because not only are they cute, they are waterproof and insulated to keep your feet warm and dry no matter the weather:


An extra release is a good gift option for bowhunters. I like to have a few extra ones around in case I need it, such as if mine breaks or I leave it at home.

It never fails that my husband steals mine every hunting season, and it ends up being misplaced.

A release that is made for a woman is the best option- because it is made for women and fits better with their smaller hands.

The Eva Shockey Signature Series Release by Tru-Fire is highly rated, with honey leather and pretty blue stitching in the straps.

The girly design might keep your husband from stealing it also!

Arm Guard

An arm guard is a more-than-suitable gift for beginner women bowhunters. I wish I would’ve used one early on when I started bowhunting. It would have saved me a good amount of pain. They are commonly misconceived as useless tools that teach archers to depend on them, but when used correctly, they can be helpful!

The Bohning Archery Slip-On Armguard is an easy to use option because it can fit well in your travel bag, and slips on quickly. According to the reviews, it still does an amazing job at protecting your arm:

Trip to an archery range

This is not your average type of gift, but I think it is the best one on the list. There is no substitute for time spent with friends, and practice can only help bowhunters.

Plan a day trip to a local archery range, and take your lady bowhunter friend(s) with you. Look for ranges with 3D targets, and nice reviews. This is guaranteed to be a gift your lady bowhunter will never forget, and the thought put into it will mean more than the gift itself.

Well, there you have it. You just read 21 Bowhunting Gift Ideas for Women. Let me know in the comments below if you think I missed a great gift idea, or share some of your favorite tools in your archery arsenal.