Best Compound Bow For Instinctive Shooting

Archery comes with numerous shooting styles that are fitting for many different individuals. Whether it’s practice, hunting, or overall sport, compound bows can be used with different forms, techniques, and equipment. One terrific use case, is instinctive shooting. 

But considering the vast number of products that are found in the archery market, it can be somewhat complicated to determine which one is right for you. 

So today, I’d like tom make that process considering easier.

In this guide, we’re going to focus on the best compound bow for instinctive shooting.

So without further ado, here are the top three picks:

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Best Compound Bow For Instinctive Shooting

The best compound bows for instinctive shooting are:

  • Raptor Compound Now
  • TOPOINTARCHERY M1 Compound Bow
  • Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

Let us now look at each bow and the respective pros and cons of each one.

Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

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Features & Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Style: All-season
  • Speed: Up to 320 fps
  • Let off: 75%


This bow has an array of features that are beneficial for any archery enthusiast, especially if you prefer to practice instinctive shooting.

This bow comes with an adjustable draw length of 24.5″ to 31″ and a draw weight of 30 to 70 pounds.

Many archers will be happy to learn that the cams on this bow are fully machined aluminum, while many others rely on plastic.

It can offer speeds up to 320 fps and comes with every accessory you might need to perform your best.

Another big selling point is that a bow press isn’t needed, and its design allows 75% of the weight to be let off, which is great for minimizing fatigue and improving performance.

Its features and accessories can help you hone your skills to the point where instinctive shooting becomes second nature for you.

If you like the ability to make minor adjustments to the bow itself, the Raptor is built with a split yoke tuning system which many people appreciate.

You’ll find numerous reviews from satisfied buyers who feel like the price is hard to beat, and there are plenty of claims from people who have easily put thousands of arrows down range.

Most buyers agree that it’s an excellent beginner compound bow that won’t run your wallet dry yet also gives you everything you need to succeed.

The price point and included features seem to be a big reason why many people decide to make a purchase, but its long-term performance is the cherry on top.


It seems that are also a handful of other customers who don’t share as many positive sentiments.

Although the manufacturer states you don’t need a bow press or professional help getting it set up, some buyers feel otherwise.

Some have mentioned their bow needed a significant amount of tuning on more than one occasion.

Regarding the included instructions, they don’t seem to be as helpful as they could be, leading buyers to seek professional help to get it set up.

The accessories on the compound bow don’t seem to be of the highest quality, as there are claims about weak screws and other parts that don’t function fluidly.

Some of this may be due to a lack of knowledge or user error, but reviews also state the bow didn’t last very long before something broke. 

Lastly, the strings don’t seem to be the best quality as they may snap with minimal use, which isn’t a good look for many buyers.

Overall, the Raptor is a great starter bow for beginners, but we feel it may be a stellar idea to get it professionally tuned before you hit the range.

TOPOINTARCHERY M1 Compound Bow Package

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Features & Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Style: All-season
  • Speed: Up to 320 fps
  • Let off: 80%


People seem to love this compound bow for many reasons, as it comes with every accessory you might need, along with replacement parts when it comes time to make a switch.

Draw weight and draw length are very easy to adjust, and it sounds like the bow shoots quite well once properly tuned.

The bow also comes with a starter set of arrows, and they come with surprisingly durable quality.

Using the accessories to your advantage can help you transition to an instinctive shooting style.

The bow is lightweight and easy to handle, and it’s a fitting choice for beginners and experts alike.

The price is pretty hard to argue with, as compound bows can easily reach $500 and up, even for the simplest designs.

Each person is bound to have a varying experience depending on usage.

Still, it looks like the bow withstands repetitive use just fine and can be used for target practice, hunting, and other archery activities.

The bow limbs are made from USA Gordon composites, which offer substantial reliability, and many people feel it’s a great learning bow if you’re brand new or simply looking to change up your style.

With an 80% let-off, you’ll be able to easily handle the bow at every stage without feeling too much resistance or fatigue.


Although the compound bow seems to have made many customers happy, a few others are a bit more critical about its design and performance.

It’s best to take the positive reviews with a grain of salt, as other customers feel the quality isn’t the best in a few areas.

Whether it’s a manufacturer defect or simply an isolated incident, some have run into a lacking experience with this bow.

Its performance seems to be hit or miss, as some parts are more fragile than others, and customers have complained about strings snapping or poor quality accessories across the board.

Some of this is understandable when it comes to more fragile materials such as plastic.

Nevertheless, it also seems some people didn’t seek out the proper tuning of their compound bow, and this can lead to all kinds of issues.

The included directions don’t seem to be much help either, as most people tend to seek professional help just to get it set up.

It may be a good price for the bow, but it’s apparent that some parts don’t boast the same reliability as others.

The biggest flaw with this compound bow seems to be the quality of the strings, as they either snap, fray or don’t hold the tension they’re supposed to.

These comments come from both beginners and veteran archery enthusiasts, and they shouldn’t be ignored if you’re thinking of grabbing the bow for yourself.

We can confidently say that there are definitely better bows on the market, but if you’re looking for a quick solution to hold you over, this compound bow is worth the price, even with its known flaws.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

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Features & Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Right or Left
  • Size: 30”
  • Speed: Up to 315 fps
  • Let off: 70%


An excellent, versatile choice that’s perfect for all age groups, this bow is primarily crafted for hunting, but it can be used for practice and sport as well.

Easily adjustable for a 12” to 30” draw length range and 5 to 70lbs peak draw weight.

All adjustments can be handled with the help of a simple Allen wrench, which removes the need for a bow press.

It offers 315 fps, and the bow itself only weighs 3lbs making it fairly easy to handle and maneuver.

It also boasts an advanced grip design that helps to eliminate hand torque while simultaneously improving accuracy.

These minor features are great if you’re looking to work your way toward instinctive shooting, as they’ll help train your aim.

The bow comes with numerous accessories included, such as a bow sight, whisker biscuit, quiver, stabilizer, and more.

Better yet, you have the option of choosing from a left or right-hand design.

Nearly 80% of reviews about the bow give it a five-star rating, and buyers seem to enjoy the compound bow for many different reasons.

From beginner to experienced hunters, it’s apparent that the bow comes with a quality that’s impressive, to say the least.

The easy adjustments, accessories, and even the instructions are all satisfactory for a majority of customers.

Of course, no product is a perfect fit for everyone, and this bow is bound to have its own list of cons.


Regarding the cons and negative reviews associated with the bow, they seem to mainly focus on the accessories that are included.

A majority of critical reviews mention that they actually like the bow for what it is, but various individual parts don’t hold up to expectations.

You’ll find many complaints about the material quality of various accessories such as the peep sight, strings, cams, and more.

The body of the bow seems to be quite satisfactory, but there are a handful of buyers who started looking for an upgrade shortly after giving this bow a test run.

These comments shouldn’t deter you from looking into the bow for yourself, but they should at least be considered.

Some people have no issue tuning or upgrading individual parts, but many others would rather have an all-in-one approach that doesn’t cause these various obstacles.

Another important factor that isn’t related to the quality of the bows is the fact that the bow seems to come from different suppliers, and each one may deliver a different set of included accessories. 

After searching through a long list of reviews, the bow seems to be better suited for casual use and may not hold up well to any rigorous routines.

Extensive use of the bow will likely wear down its individual parts faster, and this seems to happen a little too soon for many people.

Overall, most customers are highly satisfied with this compound bow, and it stands as a great option for a wide range of archery enthusiasts.

Why You Need A Compound Bow For Instinctive Shooting

If you’re looking to improve your instinctive shooting technique, the type of bow makes more of an impact than the features it’s built with. Compound bows are known to be the best option for instinctive shooting for their efficiency, accuracy, and power. They’re also quite adjustable and much smaller than other bows, making them an easy choice for instinctive shooting.

For many reasons, compound bows are hard to beat, and there are numerous reasons why they’re a top choice for many people.

As your skills become more refined, it’s possible to utilize instinctive shooting with any bow, but you’re bound to have a much better chance of success if you opt for a compound bow.

What To Look For In A Compound Bow For Instinctive Shooting

When looking for a compound bow to shoot instinctively, you need to ensure you purchase one with the correct hand-orientation (for you – that is comfortable and efficient for you to shoot with), provides sufficient speed (or power), and preferably, has a higher let off.

Moreover, instinctive shooting is more about form than anything else.

Although compound bows are known for many bells and whistles, you’ll need to get used to not using sights to shoot instinctively.

You’ll want a compound bow that doesn’t feature any sights, and it’s important for it to include a reliable grip as steadiness is important to achieve any kind of accuracy.

It’ll also help if you choose a bow with a higher let-off, as this will reduce the amount of weight you’ll have to hold at a full draw which will help with how accurate your shots are.

How To Shoot A Compound Bow Instinctively?

The form required to shoot instinctively sounds relatively simple but actually takes a decent amount of practice. You’ll want to grip your bow in your non-dominant hand and then point your finger straight at the target. If you have the proper form, your finger, wrist, and arm should all be aligned as best as possible.

Compound bows are an excellent choice for this form because they can be very lightweight and easy to adjust and maneuver.

The instructions sound easy, but when you add on weight, torque, and other factors, it can be more challenging to hold that form correctly.

Tips When Shooting A Bow Instinctively

The most important aspect of shooting instinctively is a shot sequence that’s consistent. Aside from that note, there are many other factors and techniques that come into play, such as proper bow set-up, sufficient grip, proper body stance, checking your draw hand grip, and more.

Each aspect of shooting instinctively requires patience and diligence; otherwise, you won’t achieve the consistency you’re looking for.

You always want to ensure your bow is properly tuned, so you don’t run into any roadblocks when shooting instinctively.

Regarding the shot sequence, this includes every step that leads up to you releasing an arrow, and if each step isn’t followed properly, you may not have much success with using instinctive shooting.

Following each step is important, but if you don’t consistently practice these steps, you may not see much improvement in your accuracy.

It’s best to get used to your bow’s features and accessories first, and once you get the feel of it, you can start to try shooting without the help of the bells and whistles that compound bows are known for.

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