How To Store A Compound Bow

When something is as beautiful and as finely engineered as a modern compound bow, you need to take really good care of it. You don’t want your delicate, sophisticated bow getting damaged by the environment or an accidental drop. To take the best care of your compound bow, you need to store it properly.

So how do you store a compound bow? Usually, a dedicated and durable bow case is the best option for storing your bow. This applies to both home storage and travel storage. When keeping your bow at home, you can also use a wall-mounted bow rack or some form of cabinet.

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult.

But there is a lot that can go wrong.

So, let us now delve a lot deeper into the process so you know exactly what you need to do!

What Do You Need To Store A Compound Bow?

A specialized compound bow case is a good starting point, but you’ll also have to administer some care to the bow before storing it. Keep some bow wax and a cloth on hand. Always use a quiver to store your arrows too.

Compound bow cases come in a variety of types, and each type may suit some archers better than others.

Generally, you’ll be choosing between a soft case or a hard case. Both have their pros and cons. Soft cases are much lighter and easier to carry around.

This is ideal if you use your bow pretty regularly or if you go out hunting with it.

Hard cases offer the best protection for your compound bow and its components, safeguarding it against unwanted drops or knocks.

These kinds of cases are also much safer for traveling with your bow as they can be carried onto planes or used to store your compound bow safely in the car. 

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Compound bows are designed to be stored while fully strung.

Although this means that you don’t have to attach and detach the bowstring every time you want to shoot, you’ll still need to perform some preventative maintenance to keep the string from getting damaged.

It’ll need waxing, so having some bowstring wax at your disposal is a must when storing compound bows.

You’ll also need to keep the bow’s components free of dust.

While storing the bow in a case will mitigate a lot of this, it’s always best to wipe your compound bow down thoroughly every time you handle it.

Use a clean cloth to remove excess dust before you place the bow into its case or cupboard.

If you’re using a bow rack or a cupboard to store your bow at home, you’ll also need to pick the right spot.

Your compound bow must be stored in a location that doesn’t suffer from damp but is also free from the glare of direct sunlight.

Even with the synthetic components used to construct compound bows, excessive dampness and heat can cause damage or warping.

You’ll also need a quiver to keep your arrows safe as well.

Just like the bow components, arrows are fragile and precisely engineered.

They can be damaged very easily and can also be twisted out of shape by excessive heat or damp conditions. 

Best Way To Store A Compound Bow

A hard case is always going to offer the best possible protection for your compound bow. These cases are often able to keep all of your archery equipment safe and can also stand up well to the rigors of traveling.

A hard case can be equally as effective at home as it is on the road.

A good hard compound bow case is small enough to not take up much space in your home whilst still protecting your equipment from accidents such as drops or inquisitive children or pets.

Opt for a locking bow case if you can to offer the best possible security for your bow.

Hard cases might be heavier than soft cases, but they offer much more protection and are more versatile.

Many of the best hard cases either come with or can be customized to include protective foam compartments.

These help to keep all of your equipment safe and can also be modified to your individual needs.

Hard cases help to protect your compound bow from environmental conditions such as heat and moisture.

These factors can be harmful to your bow if it’s exposed too much.

Even though compound bows are made from modern man-made materials, pieces can still be damaged or warped through too much heat or too much moisture.

You should choose a hard case that is also suitable for traveling.

Pick one that is relatively light so that you can lift and carry it easily.

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These types of storage cases are equally happy when traveling on planes and in the car.

This is extremely useful for competitive archers who may travel around the country for competitions.

Before stowing your compound bow in its hard case, make sure to give the string a thorough waxing.

This prevents any unwanted fraying of the string and also helps to protect it against dryness or moisture.

Always check every component of your bow over before storing and again when you retrieve it.

Wipe your compound bow down to get rid of excess dust before locking it away.

Make sure that any hard case that you choose gives you enough room to store your compound bow while it’s strung.

This is absolutely necessary when storing compound bows. 

But what if you want to hang your compound bow? Let’s now take a closer look

How To Hang A Compound Bow

You can store a compound bow safely by hanging it. However, you must hang it horizontally by the frame to avoid damaging it. You also need to hang your bow somewhere with the correct environmental conditions – somewhere cool and dry and free of damp.

You may see pictures of people storing their compound bows on the wall and hanging them by the strings.

This should be avoided because it places unnecessary stress on the strings, even though compound bows are capable of handling a lot of force.

The bowstring is a pivotal component of the bow and needs to be protected as much as possible. 

In the same vein, you shouldn’t hang your compound bow by either the cams or one limb on its own.

This causes a lot of stress and strain to build upon these complex components, and this can damage your bow and reduce its effectiveness.

These parts can also be expensive to replace.

The best way to hang your compound bow is to use the middle part of the frame and the grip to hand the bow horizontally.

A set of bicycle hooks or even some screws will do just fine.

This part of compound bows often has a lot of small holes, which are ideal for mounting the bow safely.

This avoids placing unnecessary load on more fragile components like the cams or the string and instead supports the weight of the bow on its strongest part.

You’ll also need to hang the bow somewhere that offers the best protection from environmental stress.

Although compound bows are built using man-made components and materials, they are still subject to similar potential dangers as wooden bows.

Too much moisture or too much exposure to bright sunlight and heat can still damage compound bows.

The limbs can become warped, which renders the bow useless and is expensive to repair.

The best place to hang a compound bow is somewhere that is cool and dry but not outside in a shed or garage.

Places like this aren’t insulated enough to protect the bow.

You should store your compound bow in a room in your house, away from direct sunlight and areas affected by dampness or mold.

Can You Store A Compound Bow Strung?

Yes, you can. Compound bows are specifically engineered to remain strung. You don’t need to detach the string every time you are finished shooting with the bow and want to store it. 

Compound bows should always be stored with the string attached.

Unlike wooden longbows or recurve bows, which need their bowstrings removed to avoid constant stress, compound bows are designed to stand up to the rigors of being strung all the time.

But even though you can store a compound bow while it is strung, you still need to be careful with it.

Compound bowstrings are just as susceptible to damage as those on other types of bows. Never hang your compound bow by its string, as this creates unnecessary tension for the bow and can lead to damage.

When using a bow case, choose one that gives you plenty of space to store the compound bow with the string still attached.

This can either mean that the foam inserts in the case have a slot for the bow and string together, or it may utilize clips in the correct places.

Before stowing your compound bow in its case, always make sure that the bowstring is thoroughly waxed.

This helps to prevent fraying on the string, strengthening and protecting it.

The wax will also prevent moisture from leaving the string and drying it out, which makes it prone to snapping.

Excessive moisture is also prevented from saturating the bowstring, adding further protection.


A reputable bow case, or hung on the wall.

Those are your main options for storing your compound bow.

And what you opt for; well it ultimately comes down to preference.

Just be sure to do so properly – you don’t want to inadvertently damage your bow!

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