The Best Archery Ranges In and Around Green Bay, Wisconsin

Visting Green Bay, Wisconsin is beautiful but where can an avid archer find the best archery ranges around. After some research and experience, I found the best archery ranges from local shops to larger hunting clubs.

What are the best archery ranges in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

  1. Hunter’s Edge Archery
  2. 12- Ring Archery Lanes
  3. Trophy Hunters Supply LLC
  4. R & B Archery
  5. C & T Archery
  6. Toad Creek Archery
  7. Lena Swamp Archery
  8. Oconto River Bowmen Archery Range
  9. Golden Arrow Archery Club

Green Bay, Wisconsin is amazing and has a lot of attractions like Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, Bay Beach Amusement Park, and Green Bay Botanical Garden.

But even archer enthusiasts need a place to escape to! That is why I have put together a list of places to visit that would make you one happy archer!

Hunter’s Edge Archery

Hunter’s Edge Archery has a 40-yard indoor range. They host several events to help archers keep their skill par for the upcoming season like tournaments, nightly leagues, NASP tournaments, birthday parties and intro classes for new archers.

Their hours of operation are:


On their website, they have a long list of success pictures and trophies of friends and customers over the years that show you how their community has grown over the years.

12-Ring Archery Lanes

12-Ring Archery Lanes are not only an archery range but also a great local shop that people keep coming back to.

With options to join teams and leagues to shoot at all year and great teachers to help set up your bow and show you tips.

Their hours of operation:


This place has great customers that keep coming back for a good reason. They help all age groups prepare for the new season and give tips to help enhance their skills. You can find more info on their Facebook page here.

R & B Archery

R & B Archery is a seasonal indoor archery range and they are open from December through April. They are awesome for the whole family and have open archery ranges all day on Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm.

Their hours of operation:


This is completely family-owned and run, and gives every visitor the attention they need to be prepared for the hunting season! Check out their Facebook page for all the details.

Toad Creek Archers

This archery range is a little different from other ranges. They don’t have operation hours during the day or available all year round.

Toad Creek Archers is a hunters archery league that hosts outdoor events weekly during their summer course.

By visiting their Facebook page, you can stay up to date when these events are available.

It is a non-profit organization that serves the community. They offer 3-D tournaments as well as open shooting and practice ranges. All their events are weekly.

Even if you don’t plan on shooting, this is a great range to visit just to experience!

Lena Swamp Archery

With over 150bows and crossbows available, Lena Swamp Archery is the one-stop-shop! They specialize in youth and ladies archery and have separate events held to help those as well.

Their hours of operation:


They offer a ‘Service and Repair’ option. This option is great because you can buy a new bow and come to a local spot that can restring or fix any issues. You can check out their website here.

Not many archery ranges have this option or the tools needed to get the job done sometimes. So this option is unique to be able to have at a local shop.

Oconto River Bowmen Archery Range

Oconto River Bowmen Archery Range has 56 acres of beautiful land that they just recently purchased that are available for their members. They have ranges available for broadhead and 3D targeting.

Anyone is welcome to this beautiful property to test out. They even have competitions that they allow visitors to take place in.

Keep up-to-date on events through their Facebook page here.

Their hours of operation are seasonal and you must call before visiting to make sure it is an active club day.

This is a family-built range that lives to improve archers’ knowledge and skills. You have to check this place out!

Golden Arrow Archery Club

Golden Arrow Archery Club is open to everyone but is very limited. You can choose to become a member and they even allow a welcome day for newcomers to try out the community and see the shooting range.

Their hours of operation:


The archery range varies year to year as they hold an auction to figure out what hunting land they will be able to use for their archery range.

You can find more details on the Facebook page here.

They provide food and beverages for after practicing for all the archers! Who wouldn’t love that!

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How Much Does An Archery Set Cost?

Archery sets can cost anywhere on the price range for beginners; just depends on what you want. Bows can cost anywhere from $400 to $2000 brand new. It just depends on the brand and if you want a more high-end bow.

Do You Need A Licence For Archery?

No, you do not need a license for archery. They are not required by law but you do need to be 18 or older to purchase a bow and any broadheads or anything of that nature.

Is It Legal To Shoot Arrows In Your Backyard?

This is a yes and no question because it all depends on where you live. If you live within city limits, you need to check the requirements of the law that the city limits have set. And even if it is not stated, it can still be illegal to shoot a bow and arrow if you are not careful. And if you don’t live in city limits, you still need to check county and state laws and always be careful when shooting whether it be in your personal yard or a practice range.