The Best Archery Ranges in and around Fort Collins, Colorado

I visited Colorado to find the best archery ranges around! It was beautiful and I found some great places for any archer to have a blast!

The list of the best Archery Ranges in Fort Collins, Colorado:

  • Archery In the Wild
  • Rocky Mountain Archery
  • Fort Collins Archery Association Range

Fort Collins is a city found in northern Colorado. It is known for its “Old Town” historic district with houses built in the 1800s. It’s a pretty cool city to visit for any history buff especially those who like the Old West.

Another great thing is the beautiful mountain view that you have to access. This means open spaces that many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of for avid archers looking for a new place to practice.

Like archery ranges!

Archery In the Wild

Archery In the Wild is aimed to bring archery education and skill to everyone that walks through their door.

(Archery In the Wild states via Website,)

” Whether you want a custom string made for your bow or arrows, you’ll find the gear you’ve been looking for at Archery in the Wild in Longmont. We’ve helped Colorado residents in Longmont and Boulder CO for years by offering quality made archery equipment, a 20-yard range, and excellent customer care.”

They offer specialized bow equipment with custom work availability as well! Along with their indoor range, they also offer classes for all archers (all ages).

Indoor Range

They have an indoor archery range that is 20 yards long. This range is great for practice and targeting for any age group.

They specialize in helping archers find the right bow for them and helping them to have the perfect measurements.


  • $7 an hour (per person)
  • Rental equipment $18 (this includes range fees)

Range Availablity

Their indoor range is available on weekdays from 11 am – 1 pm.

This is not only cost-effective but is a great place to take a new archer to get the right bow and measurement to get them started.

Archery Classes

Beginner Lessons are available!

Hours of Operation:

Mon10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tue10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wed10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thu10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Fri10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Rocky Mountain Archery

Rocky Mountain Archery was opened by Stewart King who has been an active archer since 1980. He has very accomplished in bow hunting tournaments, target tournaments, and he is a bow specialist and tuner.

He is a certified USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach who has coached several accomplished teams like the Fort Collins JOAD team and the Rocky Mountain Hot Shots.

Rocky Mountain Archery is also a pro shop so they can help with all your bow needs from restringing to buying different attachments.

They have an amazing indoor range and different target ranges to help the archer grow.

Indoor Range

They have a 28 lane main range with target butts set up at 10 yards for novices. They also offer targets butts set up at 20 yards for the more experienced archers.

They have a 5 lane side range up to 20 yards for private lessons and parties that you can make an appointment on their website.


  • Range Fee: $7 (all day)
  • Paper targets: $1-3
  • Equipment Rental: $15 (includes range fee, bow, 3 arrows, arm guard, & a paper target/ 2 hour limit)

Archery Classes

Beginners Lesson- this lesson is called a mini-lesson that includes safety rules, form, and hot-to aim.

This is $45 per hour per a person.

Advanced Lesson– This is for more experienced archers who are looking to gain more knowledge.

It is $65 per hour per person.

Private Lesson– they also have a private lesson available with their certified instructors.


Saturday Youth League- Every Saturday they have different classes available for the age group.

  • One is the 10 yard class for ages 6-10 years old.
  • And the other is a 15-yard class available for ages 10-18.

It is $8 per person for each session.

These classes are available to help the youth learn and improve your child’s archery skills and still have fun.

The price does include a rental bow but you can bring your own.

3D Bowhunter League

This is held every Tuesday evening and is $10 per session.

This league incorporates practice for hunters and teaches them to have fun. They use foam targets that have a scoring system on the animal’s vitals. Hunters practice shooting placement, yardage estimates, and obstacle avoidance.

They use a wide variety of animals for practice and this helps to make the experience more exciting.

There are 30 different shots at night- 6 of which from a balcony- this is 1 shot per a target and the range varies from 5-30 yards.

You do need to bring your own bow to this league because they do not offer equipment rental.

The tally is kept for amount of times each shooter shoots for drawing at the end of the year.

Winners of the 6-week series receive additional drawing entries and awards.

Target League

This league is held every Thursday and is held in the indoor range.

It is $9 a night per person.

This league requires focus and practice while shooting at their 3D animal’s paper targets at 20 yards. You will be shooting 0 rounds of 3 arrows for a total of 30 arrows.

Every archer can learn something from this league about their ability to perform under pressure.

This course will teach the archer’s ability to strategize while simultaneously performing.

Hours of Operation:


Fort Collins Archery Association Range

And we can’t forget the very own Fort Collins Archery Association Range. It is located right on Interstate 25.

This range is one of the finest around and is maintained by the FCAA (Fort Collins Archery Association). It is available for safe shooting all day during daylight hours.

Outdoor Range

Located here, there are 41 targets available for practice. 22 of them are at unmarked distances on a walking trail and it features various game animals throughout.

15 are standard practice targets at measured distances from 10-100 yards. There are also 4 targets on a special path that takes your to the FITA range.

FITA Range

The FITA range has 4 targets that range at 30, 50, 70, and 90 meters. Many people go here to sight and practice target shooting from close distances to far away.

*Blunts and broadheads are not allowed on any of the shooting ranges.

But! They do have a special broadhead pit that allows this.

Broadhead Pit

This is a separate section of the range that has sand as the backstop.

*Crossbows may not be used on this range and are actually illegal on the FCAA range.


They have picnic tables and restrooms available for the whole family so you could have a great picnic while you are practicing.

Here is a map of the park!

FCAA Range Map

Membership: You and your family are allowed to come with a free parking pass the whole entire year.

You will have special access to the Member-only events that they have and also available to the Wednesday 3D league.


$50 per 12 months

Outdoor 3D League

The FCAA holds an outdoor 3D League every summer which starts in May. They hold it every Wednesday and are included in the Membership package.

This is held on the FITA range and all throughout the different ranges to help archers grow and enhance their skills.

Hours of Operation:

As long as there is daylight your good to go!


My favorite is always going to be the FCAA range. I love outdoor ranges that have so much diversity. I love a good range that has something for the whole family. Plus you only have to pay for a parking pass and then you are free to go!

I love the ability to also get a membership to have other special benefits as well as the amazing league they have.

All in all! These are amazing archery ranges and are fun for the whole family without putting a huge hole in the wallet.

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