The Best Archery Ranges In and Around Grand Rapids, Michigan

While visiting Grand Rapids Michigan, you can enjoy the view and the fresh air, but I also found amazing archery ranges to explore!

List of the best archery ranges in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  • West Michigan Archery Center
  • Sportsman’s Club of Battle Creek
  • Country Woods Archery

Grand Rapids is a city near the Grand River in great ol’ Michigan. All across the city, you can find breweries, beautiful gardens and sculptures, and art collections from variest artists.

But where can the archers out there find a little R&R?

Great Question?!

I have a list of the best archery ranges down below.

West Michigan Archery Center

This archery center is a world-class facility that educates and trains archers to be their very best. WMAC (West Michigan Archery Center) is a community organization dedicated to bring attention to the sport of archery.  

They provide training opportunities for archers of all ages and abilities. You can be the very best or just starting off and they would be a great start to learn about archery.

They have all-volunteered staff and are a non- profit organization. They provide many quality learning experiences and manage events and tournaments to help encourage achers.

Hours of Operation:

Mon:6:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wed:12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Thu:6:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri – SunClosed

Indoor Shooting Range

West Michigan Archery Center offers open indoor shooting to anyone that can demonstrate basic understandings and archery skills and can adhere to safety requirements. They also provide rental equipment at an additional cost.

Outdoor Shooting Range

The outdoor shooting range is open from April to October. There are available shooting targets with distances between 20 and 90 meters.

The outdoor shooting range is only available to archers with their own equipment.  

3-D Open Shoot

The outdoor 3D course is available from May through October. It takes archers through a planned course of 25-3D targets with unmarked distance along a mapped trail.

This course can take up to 2 hours to complete and is only available during daylight hours.

Winter Spot League

West Winter Archery Center states,

“WMAC hosts a weekly Winter Spot League with mixed participants (men and women; compound, recurve, and traditional, boys and girls capable of shooting at 20 yards). This is an informal league and open to all levels of shooters, with participation limited to 40 archers (2 shooting lines).”

This league is available every Tuesday from January 7, 2020- March 10, 2020. The cost starts at $70.

You need to register beforehand. Click the “register” link to get the rules and regulations for this league.

Classes and Programs

This is one of my favorite things that this archery range offers. They have a lot to offer from introduction classes to advanced training with different levels available.

This is a great option for the whole family to experience and for each individual to learn at their own pace and have fun doing it.

They even offer personal coaching for anyone who wants one on one.

WMAC Tournaments

They have held several archery tournaments and events to help archers compete and further their skills. From charity tournaments to 3D advanced events, WMAC will always have something to look forward to.

You can check out all their upcoming and past tournaments at their website.

Sportsman’s Club of Battle Creek

Sportsman’s Club of Battle Creek is a family-owned and oriented club with bow, rifle and pistol ranges.

Sportsman’s Club of Battle Creek states their motto on their main page,

“Promoting wildlife, habitat conservation, the outdoors lifestyle, education, and our 2nd amendment rights.”

They offer full service with ranges that vary from 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards. They also have an amazing 3D archery course. 

They are available 7 days a week for members only.

Now, you are probably wondering why I would promote an archery range that is members only….

Wait! And hear me out!

You can find a lot of great info on their website. It has a list of upcoming events and also the rules and regulations for being a member alone with the range requirements.

Their Facebook page is where you will find photos, videos, and reviews from people that weren’t members who are now!

There are no scheduled hours to work around. As long as you are a member and the sun is out, YOU can use the club.

They have amazing archery courses that (as a member) you have full access to. You can enjoy nature and have quality time to improve your skills.

Vicky Fulton (Sportsman’s Club of Battle Creek member) states,

” I’ve been a member for over two years now!! Absolutely a great place with something for everyone. I love being able to take my bow, shotgun, pistol, and rifle all to one facility that I can use them all. “


They offer classes for all age groups for their members to gain more knowledge and refine their skills.

Their class schedule can be found on their website.


All their ranges are held outside throughout their property. It places the archer in the middle of nature being in the woods and it is exceptional.

Cost to be a Member

For New Members, you will have to fill out a new membership application.

This year’s (2020) annual dues are marked on the application form as of November 1-June meeting $120. After the June meeting – October 31 is $150. This charge will cover the remaining months and the next fiscal year

If you are wanting or are curious about the membership renewal cost. This can also be found on the membership application as shown below.

Standard Membership is $120 per year. This can very with minimum work hours and also Senior specials. Please check the application for prices to be exact or contact the board for further details.

Country Woods Archery

This is Michigans #1 3D archery range!

It was opened in 1995 by two men who loved to bow hunt. They started Country Woods Archery for avid bow hunters as well as competitive archers to come and enhance their skills.

Country Woods Archery is also a pro shop that will have all the equipment you will need to better prepare your bow. Their amazing staff will coach and train you with tips and tricks on your equipment and shooting skills to make you the best archer you could be.

3D Archery Ranges

Country Woods Archery has 23 acres of woods were an archer can thrive. They have 30 lifelike 3-D animal targets that are placed for unique shot opportunities. You will take shots across water, from blinds, and elevated platforms.

The targets are the best 3D targets around. They are made so that aluminum and carbon arrows are easy to pull from. The targets are soft with flexible foam construction. Their targets range from buffalo, elk, caribou, deer, bear, turkeys, pigs, goats, and others.

They take such pride in the ranges and the 23 acres of land that even the mosquitoes and bugs are controlled for the visitors’ comfort!

They keep the course constantly clean because the staff regularly goes around picking up litter and keeping the environment clean.

The trails are also well maintained and accessible to baby strollers and wagons so that the whole family can enjoy.

Shot Styles

The course contains three raised shooting platforms, blinds, and other structures. You can shoot over water, or through a corn roll. Each target is placed in a natural setting to provide actual bow hunting while also challenging the average bowhunter and even the experienced archers.

They have 4 shooting stakes that are closest for beginners and kids and the farthest ones will be for the competitive shooters.

Their hours of operation are seasonal which is the only downfall. I mean who would want to miss this!


These three archery ranges are going to be the best you will find around Grand Rapids, Michigan. People all around the world come to visit these places even all the way from Alaska.

Even if you just go to one, it will be worth it!

But if you can I would go during the Spring that way you can really enjoy all the outdoor activities and ranges.