What Color Is The Bull On An Archery Target?

Are you wondering what color is predominantly used for the bull, or bullseye, on your traditional archery target? Well, you’ll be surprised by the answer. Here is what you want to know.

So, what color is the bull on an archery target? The color of the bullseye differs depending on the target. FITA (World Archery) targets have a yellow/gold bullseye whereas MMA and NFAA bullseye are white respectively. In Field and Hunter courses, the field has a black center and the Hunter has a white center.

Ultimately, the color of the bullseye depends on which governing body the target was designed for, and the type of event.

Let us now look at the colors of the rest of the target.

World Archery (Olympic Governing Body) Target Colors

The World Archery Federation (formerly FITA) is the governing body of the sport of archery. They are based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Here are the colors they use for their targets, which are equally used in the Olympics:

  • Rings 1 and 2 – The two outer rings are white in color – they score the fewest points being furthest from the bull,
  • Rings 3 and 4 – The next two rings are black on color,
  • Rings 5 and 6 – These rings are blue in color,
  • Rings 7 and 8 – These rings are red in color.
  • Rings 9, 10 and the Bullseye – these are all yellow/gold in color.

The above is true regardless of whether the target is indoors, outdoors, or set up as an International field target.

And, USA Archery uses the same targets.


For the most part, archery targets have a yellow/gold bullseye.

But not always.

And one clear exception is with ASA and IBO foam 3D animal targets; the color of the top-scoring zones does not differ in color from the rest of the animal.