A List Of The Best Archery Ranges In Orange County

Orange County in California is one of the most popular and populated areas in the country. This gives you plenty of amazing and fun things to do, including activities you might not consider.

For example, there are many great archery clubs in and around Orange County.

Many of these clubs are open to the public, meaning you can drop by whenever you want.

Many include high-quality targets that you can adjust as you need or let you add various targets throughout the region for your practice needs.

Even better, many of these clubs offer private clubs, which means you can visit whenever you want after you join.

These clubs often include membership fees that give you access to equipment rental, unique tournaments, and much more.

Let’s just jump right into it and look at some of the coolest and most enjoyable archery ranges in Orange County.

I’ll provide all the information that you need to make an intelligent decision, including operational hours and range types.

Rancho Park Archers

Rancho Park Archers has a lengthy history after being created in 1983 as a practice range for Olympic archers.

It has been carefully updated and upgraded over the years to become a beautiful open-air range with four different shooting spots. These include 10-, 18-, 30-, and 50-meter ranges.

Even better, Rancho includes an office space where you can rent equipment for your shoot, including various bows, arrows, and targets.

The courses are designed to be simple, attractive, and enjoyable to use.

Many people come to this facility every day to practice their skills and learn more about shooting.

Rancho Park Archers provides free introductory archery classes every Saturday starting at 11:30 am and every second Sunday at 1 pm.

They also have supervised open shooting periods, which means you can enjoy your bow after signing up for their simple training course.

Google Review

“I found this little place through Yelp and am absolutely glad to have given it a try. You must take an introductory class before using their open range without guidance. The introductory class was absolutely wonderful and provided me with a bevy of knowledge to guide me through my newfound Archery hobby. The instructor explained the variances between different dominant hand vs dominant eye extravagances.”

  • Address: 2551 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Contact Information: 213-632-8086
  • Website: https://www.ranchoparkarchers.org/
  • Hours: Sunday-Friday, 8-10; Saturday, 24 hours.

Pasadena Roving Archers

Public archery ranges are common throughout Orange County and provide many unique amenities.

For example, Pasadena Roving Archers is a non-profit club that operates in Pasadena’s public park.

They provide seven shooting targets and are open to the general public every day, year round.

This free range is a great option for people who own their own equipment.

While they typically have set hours, the unofficial opening and closing times are sunrise and sunset.

Even better, they have tournaments on Saturdays and Sundays for skilled shooters looking to compete.

If you’re new to archery, Pasdena Roving Archers provides a free beginner’s class every Saturday on a first-come-first-served basis.

Head there early and sign up to get into a class and learn more about how to set up your bow, take aim, and hit targets from just about any range.

Google Review

“Fantastic place to be outdoors, and practice in peace. Theres plenty of lanes to shoot. Trees for shade if needed. It’s fairly accessible. It’s a beautiful area to simply be in. It is crucial to visit the Roving Archers website.”

  • Address: 415 S Arroyo Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Contact Information: 626-460-0520
  • Website: https://www.rovingarchers.com/
  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8-5; Saturday, open 24 hours.

Verdugo Hills Archers

If you want a more private experience, Verdugo Hills Archers is a great option for you.

This non-profit club requires a small membership fees that the volunteer staff use to keep the site updated and safe.

Courses include a large practice area, a 28-target field range, and a 3D course.

Every month, this club hosts monthly shoots guests can join, which is a great way to try out this range if you don’t want to join.

They also host various events throughout the years that are free for members but require a small fee for guests to compete.

Even better, Verdugo Hills provides a broadhead pit where you can shoot with these arrows, as well as restrooms, parking, and more.

They do not rent or loan equipment, which is an important thing to consider before attending.

Members also cannot use crossbows here. Membership gets you a gate key that you can use whenever you want.

Google Review

“We decided to travel with our archery gear to LA and it was the best decision ever! We had been wanting to do outdoor 3D archery, in the woods for a long time. This location was exactly what we were looking for and even better than we expected. They have several 2D and 3D targets throughout the grounds.”

  • Address: 11966 Big Tujunga Canyon Rd, Tujunga, CA 91042
  • Contact Information: 866-457-2582
  • Website: https://www.verdugohillsarchers.com/
  • Hours: Open from sunrise to sunset for members.

Woodley Park Archers

This archery club is based out of the San Fernando Valley and is part of another 1983 Olympic training facility set up for the Los Angeles Olympics.

It is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset and includes short ranges of about 18 meters and long ranges at 90 meters.

Beginners start at the short ranges with backstop targets that give them more stability as they shoot.

The long range includes 12 lanes with compressed hale bales that let you shoot from 10 to 90 meters.

Attendance is free, which makes this a great option for beginning shooters.

Note that this range also offers introductory and returning student classes for shooters of all ages.

These inexpensive classes help you learn the art of shooting with skilled and professional shooters.

Note: this is a non-profit range run by volunteers who give time simply for the joy of shooting.

Google Review

“It’s a very nicely kept range. The covers portion is for 10 and 20 yards. The field section goes from 20 to 100. Range rules are pretty much the same as many others. No broadheaded arrows, no crossbows, 5 minute windows before going down range. It is ‘recommended’ that you bring target pads. Basically 3-5 layers of foam to protect the hay bales. People are very friendly and the area is nice.”

South Bay Archery Club

If you want a beautiful shooting experience not far from the Pacific Ocean, try this club.

They are located not far from the beach and are a non-profit club with open access to many individuals.

Its open-air range is comfortable, relaxing, and well-maintained by its volunteer staff.

Note that while this club has no access to the beach, it does have a beautiful view and plenty of target ranges.

These include a range with six lanes and a 3D shooting range. There are also multiple events and activities hosted here every year, including club-based shoots.

If you’re interested in learning more about archery, this is a great club to visit.

They provide regular training courses for young and adult shooters alike. These include family-oriented classes that let you shoot alongside your kids or partner.

Google Review

“Great club that can always use mature, responsible members. The view is great but it is about the sport of archery and gaining experience in bow hunting as well as keeping a gem around by following safety, club and the city of Palos Verdes rules.”

  • Address: 4702 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
  • Contact: Use the contact form on their website here.
  • Website: https://southbayarcheryclub.com/
  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset.

Ready To Shoot?

So there you have it, a few of the most popular archery ranges in Orange County.

Have you tried any of these out as of yet? If not, be sure to give them a visit.

Besides, you may even find your favorite new place to hang out! And of course, shoot.