A List Of The Best Archery Ranges In Virginia

Virginia is one of the oldest states in the country and has plenty of fascinating outdoor and indoor experiences.

For example, it is home to various Revolutionary and Civil War sites, as well as archery rangers, where you can practice your skills in peace.

These ranges include private and public options, those with 3D ranges, some with on-site clubhouses, and much more.

All have many benefits that make them an excellent option for the right person.

Even better, they are often inexpensive and easy to join if you want.

Whether you’re a resident of Virginia or just a visitor, there should be an archery range that fits your needs.

Some even have lessons for beginners, including kid-friendly options that introduce young ones to this fascinating and rewarding sport.

So let’s not dilly-dally a moment longer!

Let’s jump right into the top archery ranges in Virginia to give you an inside scoop into which are the best options for your needs as an archer.

I promise that you’ll find something here that effortlessly meets your needs as a bow enthusiast.

Bull Run Shooting Center

Bull Run Shooting Center is an indoor public archery range that includes an 18-lane, 20-yard shooting range that helps you sight in your bow and practice your skills.

It includes targets that you can use for your shooting needs, though you can bring paper targets if you need them.

This range also includes firearm capacity, including shotgun classes and shooting lanes that help you sight in your guns as well.

Even better, it is open year-round except for holidays and hosts multiple archery tournaments yearly for serious bow shooters.

Even better, you don’t need to join a club to enjoy this range, meaning that you can come whenever you want to shoot.

That makes it one of the best options for beginning shooters, especially since it also includes archery classes for people just transitioning to this sport.

Google Review

“I was looking for a place near DC and picked Bull Run first. I absolutely made the right decision. This place is awesome…it was a great experience, and the staff was wonderful. I’ll definitely be back and won’t be looking for anywhere else to shoot in the DC area. This is one of the best places I’ve ever shot at.”

Cub Run Archers

This Centreville archery range includes a 12-target outdoor practice range with a crossbow station where you can practice your skills with your favorite bow.

It also includes a 28-target outdoor 3D station that is suitable for hunters or those who want a more realistic shooting experience.

Note that this is a private club, so you do have to join the Arlington Fairfax IWLA archery club.

Once you do, you can take archery classes, join archery tournaments, go to social gatherings, and even support female shooters through the IWLA Women on Target activity.

Cub Run Archers also includes an on-site camping, picnic, and fishing area, as well as various club amenities.

It is also one of the few archery ranges in the state that allow broadhead use, which makes it the go-to option for people who want a more real-world shooting experience.

Google Review

“Simply wow! I was greatly impressed with the facility. There are so many activities to do. From archery, fishing, gun range to indoor ranges – it was truly a pleasant experience. I can’t wait until my membership class so I can join.”

  • Address: 14708 Mount Olive Road, Centreville, VA 20121
  • Contact Information: 703-631-4498
  • Website: http://www.cubrunarchers.org/index.html
  • Hours: Open 24 hours a day for all members

Northern Virginia Archers

If you want an exclusive and private archery experience, this may be the club for you.

Once you join, you get access to 71 acres of land across several shooting ranges.

These include practice ranges with multiple lanes and distances.

You also get access to field and 3D archery range courses, beginner-friendly training courses, a children-only 3D course, an on-site clubhouse with equipment and repair options, and a broadhead range for hunters who want real-world experience.

Northern Virginia Archers also hosts multiple activities throughout the year to make it a more enjoyable experience.

These include various social events, archery tournaments, and much more.

Their focus on a unique social scene makes this a very popular archery range in Virginia.

Google Review

“Had a great experience getting lessons here! Cindy and Erin were very helpful when scheduling. Grant and Lucas were great instructors and made the experience all that more fun and informative! Definitely hope to go again and maybe even become a member. Easy 5/5!”

  • Address: 10875 Hampton Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039
  • Contact Information: Use the email addresses located here.
  • Website: https://novaarchers.org/
  • Hours: Open 24 hours a day for all members.

Rub Line Archery Range

Here’s a great public archery range for more casual shooters or those who don’t necessarily want to join a club.

It includes a 3D outdoor range, as well as 3D targets that you can purchase to use on-site or at home.

It also hosts unique tournaments and 3D shoots every year to improve your experience.

During specific times (usually in the fall or summer), Rub Line also provides hands-on learning experiences for both kids and adults.

Even if you’ve never picked up a bow in your life, you can get a fantastic experience by taking their course and learning how to string and shoot your bow.

Rub Line includes a real-world and immersive environment that places you in the woods in and around Moneta.

This makes their 3D course more engaging and exciting, as you’ll spot a deer model that you can practice shooting from multiple angles and distances.

This experience makes Rub Line an excellent option for hunters and sports shooters.

Facebook Review

“Had a blast at Rub Line Archery Range getting some last-minute practice in for Foley, AL! Headed back today for another round!”

  • Address: 12797 Moneta Road, Moneta, VA 24121
  • Contact Information: 540-589-2473
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/Rub-Line-Archery-Range-1627707177494390/
  • Hours: Varies based on the season.

Shooters Archery Inc.

This public archery range (also known as Central Virginia Outdoors) is a popular archery shop and range where you can buy and rent gear, get your bow sighted, and enjoy multiple courses.

These include separate indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as a 3D course separate from these.

Visitors can rent ranges hourly or daily, giving them plenty of options for their shoots.

There are multiple 3D tournaments held here every year, as well as lessons for both kids and adults.

Their Junior Olympic Archery Development program is one of the most acclaimed in the state.

Visitors can also get a free hour of shooting on their birthdays, which makes this a popular party destination for bow-hunting fans.

Even better, you can get a membership if you want unique access to various deals and sales, providing even more incentive to visit.

Google Review

“Staff is so nice, and prices are pretty good. I bought a really nice bow for my daughter, and they set it up. This is where I go to get all my arrows cut and set up. This is the best archery shop I found in the area. I really like the indoor range is easy to use and charge by how much time you use it. They also have a really nice 3D course set up near their shop.”

  • Address: 19237 Partlow Road, Beaverdam, VA 23015
  • Contact Information: 804-589-1565
  • Website: https://www.shootersarchery.com/
  • Hours: Tuesday- Friday, 1-7; Saturday, 11-6; Sunday, 12-5.