A List Of The Best Archery Ranges In Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a fascinating city with a surprising array of different available activities.

While it is known for its successful sports teams and beer, there is also a heavy outdoor scene in the area.

After all, they don’t call their basketball team The Bucks for nothing!

Gun and archery ranges are widespread throughout the area, giving you plenty of unique places to visit.

These archery ranges may include public or private membership options, outdoor and indoor shooting areas, 3D and paper targets, and much more.

Some may even have equipment rental options or classes you can attend if you want to learn more about archery.

This makes them an excellent choice for people who want to become better with their bow and more accurate with their shooting.

In this guide, let’s look at a few of the most fun and entertaining archery ranges in the Milwaukee area.

Many of these will be located right in the city, while some might be just outside its limits.

All are within easy driving distance of the city center, meaning that it should be easy for you to find a great place to shoot your bow without having to travel too far from this great town.

Kinnickinnic Archery Range

If you want an inexpensive archery experience, this is a great option to consider. It is located in Kinnickinnic Park in Milwaukee, a great place where you can camp, play sports, hike, and picnic.

You can also set up and enjoy their archery park, which includes hay bales and other support options that make it easier for you to set up different shooting distances for your visit.

It is best to have at least one other person with you when at this range so that you can easily move these hay bales from place to place.

Once you have them set up, you can put up support behind the bale to make it easier to shoot.

The hay bales are very easy to work with and make it simple to remove arrows, which improves the experience and makes it more adaptable to many archery styles.

The nicest thing about this range is that it is free to use!

You can go during the warm season, typically from early April up to late October, and get in some great shooting.

Note that you do have to bring some items to this range to shoot successfully. Targets and tent pegs are necessary because you can hold them down easily with the pegs and experience a high-quality archery event.

Google Review

“Very easy to access and free of charge. Take everything you need to have fun or practice your Archery skills. You will want to bring tent pegs or similar to attach your target to the ample hay bales. It was not very busy while I was there in the late afternoon. There is a nice berm behind the bales and it is a well maintained area of the park.”

  • Address: W Kinnickinnic River Pkwy, Milwaukee, WI 53215
  • Contact Information: (414) 643-0120
  • Website: https://county.milwaukee.gov/files/county/parks-department/Park-Maps/KKRivPkwy_E1.pdf
  • Operating Hours: Sunrise to sunset during the warm seasons.

West Town Archery

West Town Archery is a local archery shop run by two brothers with over 70 years of experience.

They are bowhunters themselves and provide inexpensive equipment and a very nice archery range.

Multiple services are available, including adjusting and tuning your bow to make it easier to operate.

Their public range is available for up to two or more hours on multiple different ranges.

These include 10-, 20-, and 30-yard ranges where you can sight in your bow, shoot at various targets, and even try out equipment from their shop.

That gives you the opportunity to try out different items before you buy.

Their technicians can even repair your bow for you and sell you high-quality arrows.

Targets typically include paper options, which you can adjust as needed throughout the shooting area.

The best thing about this shop is that you don’t have to pay expensive monthly memberships but can check out the range once or rent it multiple times without feeling obliged to visit again.

While there aren’t classes available here, this range is more of a shop than a teaching center.

Thankfully, there are educational options available for people who want to improve their archery skills.

Google Review

“My wife and I stopped in yesterday to get my bow checked over and for her to purchase her first bow and let me tell you 7 out of 5 stars. The owner, Fred I believe his name was, initially helped us and was beyond professional and helpful and even gave us some tips as we were practicing. Brian helped us choose a bow for her and assited greatly in setting it up for her. He was above and beyond in every aspect. West Town is a terrific place with excellent employees and should be a destination for all levels of archers. We will 1000% coming back.”

  • Address: 4135 N 126th St, Brookfield, WI 53005, USA
  • Contact Information: (262) 923-7444
  • Website: http://www.westtownarchery.com/
  • Operating Hours: Sunday, closed. Monday through Thursday, 10-8. Saturday, 10-5.

Root River Archery Range

Here’s another fantastic archery range that also includes a shop where you can buy gear.

Their outdoor archery range is one of the most appealing things about this shop and is set up for maximum enjoyment.

It is a great option for serious shooters, though there are even learning experiences available from this range in classes taught by expert bow handlers.

For example, you can purchase compound bows, crossbows, bolts, cases, sights, peeps, quivers, tools, accessories, and more.

Their extensive collection of gear makes this a great place to visit if you need to improve your setup.

The 60-yard outdoor range is 100 feet wide and includes picnic tables, practical bow hangers, and markings to set up your firing line area.

This range is available for compound and recurve archers and includes target bales every 10 yards and multiple 3D targets.

They also include TV monitors that let you watch and track your arrows as you shoot them.

This can give you a slow-motion replay of your shots that is quite fun to share with others.

Don’t forget that they also provide bow maintenance, assembly, archery lessons, and coaching as well.

Google Review

“Easily the best place to take your bow to. Customer service is fantastic and the staff really know what they are talking about. I recently bought a new bow from them and they set it up right away. I will continue to use this bow shop for many years to come.”

  • Address: 4820 6 Mile Rd, Racine, WI 53402
  • Contact Information: (262) 456-6055
  • Website: https://www.rootriverarchery.com/
  • Operating Hours: Sunday, Closed. Monday, 11-5. Tuesday, 11-8. Wednesday through Thursday, 11-7. Friday, 11-5.

Elmwood Archery

While Elmwood Archery has limited hours, they provide multiple services for archers.

These include a high-quality range and various courses that can teach you more about this sport.

Thankfully, they also have a system for private appointments that you can use to get more in-depth attention for your needs.

These services include shooting analysis, as well as private lessons.

These one-hour classes include a certified instructor who provides personal instruction based on your needs.

Beginner and advanced classes are available and can help make sure that you get the best experience possible.

Elmwood also offers unique services like repair, maintenance, sighting, and much more.

These services help make them an excellent option for many situations.

If you’re a serious archer near Milwaukee, you may want to consider checking out this shop to learn more.

Google Review

“John was super helpful in tuning and setting up a used bow for a new archer. John is so helpful, kind and a true enthusiast for the sport. He built some arrows that maybe were so good that I had a Robin Hood while sighting in. Check out the new line of Darton’s he has in stock.”

  • Address: W223 N3484, Duplainville Rd, Pewaukee, WI 53072, USA
  • Contact Information: (262) 751-1119
  • Website: https://www.elmwoodarchery.com/
  • Operating Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 2-6