A List Of The Best Archery Ranges In Columbus Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, is one of the biggest cities in this state and is a fascinating place to explore. There are many unique indoor and outdoor activities, with multiple parks spread throughout the city.

What you may not realize is that archery courses are very common throughout this city.

Each of these courses provides a unique experience for bow hunters or target-shooting fans.

For example, there are many indoor courses where you can shoot no matter the season, which is great for those rough Ohioan winters.

However, outdoor courses in various state parks and other areas provide a unique atmosphere and a great place to hang out and even camp.

Some even include shops where you can buy or rent gear to use for your archery experience.

Let’s take a look at several of the most popular and fun archery courses in Columbus, Ohio.

Each of these areas has something different to offer and is well worth your time and consideration.

They are particularly great for people who are new to archery or who have kids who may enjoy the sport.

Let’s dive in to get the inside scoop on what these courses have to offer you!

Scioto Grove Park 3D Archery Course

This course in Scioto Grove Metro Park is two separate archery courses designed for a variety of budding Robin hoods.

The first is a static course that includes traditional targets at varying ranges.

It is a well-maintained course and should challenge just about anybody.

However, the 3D course includes full-size animals made from a bow-safe foam that are more fun and exciting to shoot.

The course winds through over a half mile of woods throughout Scioto Grove Metro Park.

As you wind through the park, you’ll find 12 different targets designed for difficulty.

The first six are designed for easier shooting, including deer, turkey, coyote, boar, and raccoon.

The harder targets include elk, turkey, bear, and antelopes that are in harder-to-hit areas.

The course is open throughout the summer and fall and is free to anyone attending.

You can use arrows with field tips but no broadheads on this course.

Longbows, compound bows, recurve bows, and crossbows are welcome.

The course is open as long as there is light to shoot and is not available when night falls, which makes shooting more dangerous.

Google Review

“Clean, easy to park, all targets are in decent shape. Targets are set at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. There is a 3D course as well but when I was there it was very muddy.”

  • Address: Scioto Grove Metro Park, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Contact Information: (614) 949-1078
  • Website: https://www.metroparks.net/blog/archery-3d-makes-bow-scioto-grove/
  • Operating Hours: From sunrise to sunset, April through October

Aim High Archery

Aim High Archery is unique because it is a one-person operation out of Bluffsview Elementary, run by Ben Wilson.

Wilson is an archery teacher and physical education instructor who has been running an archery program in the area for over a decade.

His experience has helped this school compete for the national title every year since it started, winning in 2013, 2019, and 2022.

As a result, there isn’t a specific range that you can attend because Wilson takes his targets to various classes and destinations throughout the area.

However, this is a great program for young children who may be interested in archery.

Wilson holds classes throughout the year when the weather is suitable for outdoor shooting, and his fees are very reasonable and designed for the average person.

His classes include Summer Archery Camps for multiple grades and skill levels, along with Archery After School.

This latter program is particularly popular because it gives kids something to do after classes end and gets them outdoors when the weather is nice.

Wilson is consistently praised for his professionalism and his ability to make archery exciting to children.

Google Review

“My two sons (ages 11 & 12) took the beginner class and both left each day so excited to go back (and that’s not always the case with summer camps). They thought so highly of each coach – both the older students as well as the Wilsons. I think both of my boys have caught the ‘archery bug’ and are chomping at the bit for the next class offering! Highly recommend!”

Address: 7111 Linworth Rd, Columbus, OH 43235-5147

  • Contact Information: Use the online form here. https://www.aimhigharchery.com/location
  • Website: https://www.aimhigharchery.com/
  • Operating Hours: Varies based on reservation.

Sunbury Archery

Sunbury Archery is one of the most popular archery options in Columbus, and it serves the whole of Ohio with various types of lessons.

It focuses heavily on helping people from all walks of life, including those who have never picked up a bow and those with much more experience.

A certified coaching staff is on hand at all times to help make this process smoother and more efficient.

They provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes that teach things like bow handling and more complex shooting techniques.

Membership options vary but include private lessons for $90 or a five-week lesson package that includes equipment, range time, and instruction.

Sunbury also provides individual and family memberships through invitations on their site.

Even better, Sunbury provides gear purchases, including various scopes, binoculars, and much more.

Members can even get discounts on some gear and classes, depending on availability.

Social events are also available, which give you plenty of time to work with other people and improve your shooting abilities at the same time.

Google Review

“Great place to learn archery. Lesson programs are easy to understand with a great progression! My kids love it.”

  • Address: 919 W Coshocton St, Johnstown, OH 43031
  • Contact Information: (614) 519-3994
  • Website: https://www.sunburyarchery.com/
  • Operating Hours: Varies by appointment.

Apache Bowhunters

Apache Bowhunters is a private club that invites anyone who wants to join.

The club features an archery range and multiple shoots throughout the year that make it an appealing option for those who want a private experience.

While anybody is welcome to join, day passes aren’t available, meaning that you will see a certain set group of people that you’ll quickly develop friendships with as you attend.

Membership to this club is $60 for a working membership, which means you must attend at least two work parties per year to qualify.

You can also join for $160 if you’d rather not work in this way.

You get full use of the clubhouse during the membership, including through its shooting course.

Membership options are available at any club shoot, which occurs throughout the year at various times, which should give you more than enough time to sign up for an event.

These shoots include options throughout winter, early spring, summer, and fall.

Often, they include various events, such as banquets, that let you meet members and have more fun together.

Round Robin shoots are particularly enjoyable and are open to all shooters.

This archery center is a great option for people who love the social interaction of hunting and want to meet new people.

Google Review

“Pleasant people. Family atmosphere all types of bows welcomed.”

  • Address: 7875 Lockbourne Rd, Lockbourne, OH 43137
  • Contact Information: (614) 272-7107
  • Website: https://www.apachebowhunter.com/
  • Operating Hours: The club is open to members 24/7.