Best Archery Ranges In The Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area, popularly referred to as the Bay Area, is known for a lot of things. Fine wine, beautiful beaches and technological innovation.

But it also is the home to many highly reviewed and well respected archery ranges too!

There are so many to choose from; with many welcoming inexperienced beginners all the way through to seasoned pros.

I’ve pulled together a definitive list of all the best ranges to shoot in the bay area. It’s the culmination of many reviews, visits, and a lot of research.

So you can certainly trust in the recommendations here.

But to not keep you waiting any longer, here they are.

Palomo Archery

Palomo Archery is a highly regarded archery range in Palo Alto.

They offer group classes, birthday and graduation parties, corporate events, private instruction, and independent practice.

They offer private lessons for individuals and families and they even have their own archery league to test your proficiency and put your skills to the test.

“The staff here are fun, friendly as well as incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They make learning archery fun and exciting. They have plenty of equipment that you can use and should you decide to get your own gear, they are generous with advice on what and where you can buy what you need. Fantastic place!”

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Address: 4022 Transport St, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Contact: 650-391-9968


Opening Hours:


Black Mountain Bowman Archery Club

Black Mountain Bowmen is a non-profit archery club located in San Jose.

This is a volunteer-operated club that provides a challenging range of practice targets and an official 28 target NFAA field course.

This is just like how you would play a round of golf! It’s great fun.

And at each target, there are several stakes that allow you to shoot at different distances.

The range is open to the public seven 7 days a week during normal park hours, but you can also book in for private lessons, group activities, functions or parties too.

If you want to shoot at the range, you must have your own equipment.

“Home away from home. Members, volunteers & cool events make this place feel welcome. From novice to expert, the bio shoot, golden arrow, or the club 900 shoots test your skill & make it fun too. Majority of fellow shooters are supportive & offer advice or are eager to listen to gain knowledge of archery. Positive Synergy is the vibe here, contribute and keep it moving forward.”

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Address: Avenida Espana, San Jose, CA 95139

Contact: 408-858-0243


Opening Hours:


Pacifica Archery

Pacifica Archery is both a full-featured archery pro store and a target indoor archery range.

They have a wide range of service offerings, from beginner instruction, equipment rental, in-house repairs, archery leagues, and youth programs.

You can book a range lane, partake in classes and even hold private group events here.

Plus there are a range of other technical services available too, such as string and cable tuning, bow fitting and many more!

“Great instruction with patience and kindness. This was a great experience for the kids. Top notch all the way. I highly recommend Pacifica Archery whether you are just starting out or a seasoned bow hunter. They can take care of you no matter your skill level.”

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Address: 2995 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA, 94014

Contact: 650.756.4868


Opening Hours:

Tuesday11am–3pm, 4–8pm
Wednesday11am–3pm, 4–8pm
Thursday11am–3pm, 4–8pm
Friday11am–3pm, 4–8pm
Saturday10am–1:30pm, 2:30–7pm

Redwood Bowman Archery Club

Redwood Bowmen Archery Club provides a 35-acre archery range in the hills of Oakland, California. As such, you will be shooting in and amongst, stunning scenery.

In addition to the practice areas in front of the clubhouse, Redwood Bowmen offers three National Field Archery Association (NFAA) 14-target rounds: Upper Course, Lower Course, and The Hill.

These are roaming field archery courses that provide a fun and enriching experience for both beginners and more advanced archers.

Redwood is open to the general public 7 days per week, and they also provide beginner classes and hold events too.

“Relaxing course nestled in among the redwood trees. Multiple targets at multiple distances. Good for beginners to advanced. Can stand under cover from rain for a few targets. Can use all kinds of bows/arrows. Great member clubhouse!”

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Address: 10900 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619



Opening Hours:


Archery Only

Archery Only is a small archery-supplies retailer that also offer an on-site shooting range, classes & weekly meeting leagues.

They also offer a number of different services, from bow setup, bow and arrow repair all the way through to corporate events and birthday parties.

“This is a great place to learn and practice archery. As a beginner, they taught me safety first before letting me shoot. They also keep a sharp eye on the people on the firing line. You can either rent an archery set, or you can bring your own to shoot. They also have a large line of equipment for sale. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. The range can get very busy, so it’s best to register online or come early.”

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Address: 37300 Cedar Blvd UNIT D, Newark, CA 94560

Contact: 510-795-0460


Opening Hours:


San Francisco Archers

At San Francisco Archers, you’ll find a stunning outdoor range. This is brought to us by a nonprofit volunteer organization, keen to promote archery to all levels of ability and ages.

The range is open to the general public from sunrise to sunset (except during scheduled events throughout the year).

You pay a simple $5 day fee, and can access two separate field ranges (56 targets total), a hundred yard target range, as well as a practice range.

Ranges vary in difficulty and provide shooting in different contexts and environments.

San Francisco Archers also offer several programs: an outreach program, JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) and an Adult Archery Achievement Program to help promote the sport and further development.

“Fantastic range. One of the best. They have 2 excellent trails with about 25 targets each. (give or take) Well maintained and easy parking and access.”

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Address: Pacifica, CA 94044

Contact: 650-355-9947


Opening Hours:


Golden Gate Park Archery Range

The Golden Gate Park Archery range is a free outdoor practice facility for archers with multiple target bales in separate shooting lanes.

Located at the west end of the park, the archery field is open to archers of all skill levels– from beginner to marksman.

The field includes nine hay bales for shared use.

You will need to bring your own equipment, such as targets, bows and arrows. Although equipment can be rented nearby.

Nevertheless, use of the field is free but it is based on a first come, first served basis. So you’ll want to get there early or visit at least popular times!

If interested, you can also sign up to a lesson or two from the parks instructors.

“Beautiful and great place for beginners to take up lessons.”

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Address: 902 47th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121

Contact: 415-496-5269


Opening Hours:


Kings Mountain Archers Inc

Located in Huddart County Park, in San Mateo County, California. You’ll find a small mountain range; where the terrain is described as “hilly,” not “mountainous.

The field range course consists of 28 targets, arranged in two loops of 14 targets each.

The course layout enables continuous full course shooting or the ability for archers to safely enter and exit the range between loops.

There is also a practice range, kids corner, picnic area, parking area, and a clubhouse on site.

Kings Mountain also offer lessons to anyone looking to level up their skills!

Events, competitions and membership is also available.

“This is one of the premier field archery locations in California. Wear good hiking shoes and expect some climbs, but totally worth it.”

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Address: 2050 Kings Mountain Rd, Woodside, CA 94062

Contact: 650-241-8440


Opening Hours:


Diablo Bowmen

Diablo Bowmen is a fantastic Archery Club in San Francisco East Bay. This is a club for more experienced, versed archers.

While a private range for members; this particular club offers four challenging courses, a sight-range, picnic area, and some scintillating views of the Contra Costa County area.

Memberships are available for a one time $50 initiation fee, along with annual memberships which range in price. An individual membership is $75, whereas a family is $85. There are discounted rates for seniors ($35) and youths ($20) too.

This range also hosts club shoots every second Saturday in the month, and hosts three-event shoots through the year: Winter 3D Shoot, Red Devil Cartoon, Boo Shoot.

Merchandise is available to purchase on site.

“One of the most challenging, complete & hospitable archery ranges in NorCal. Just finished the D.B. Winter Hunt; a superbly creative & difficult test of archery. 32 unmarked 3D Rinehart targets, difficult placements, hunting conditions all placed in a beautiful steep valley in Clayton, CA. I’m going to return often. Enjoy!”

Address: Oak Hill Ln, Clayton, CA 94517



Opening Hours:


And there you have it!

Just some of the best archery ranges in the Bay Area!

So, whether you are a local resident, or stopping by on a trip; there are plenty of options for you.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced archer or are new to it altogether; there is something for everyone here.

So get in contact, make a few enquiries and make a decision.

You’ll be sure to have a good time. With whatever range you visit!

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