Why Your Arrows Are Shooting High & What to do About It

There are few things more frustrating than feeling like you’ve just shot a perfect arrow only to find it hit high of your target time after time, and it isn’t always the easiest problem to diagnose. Here is why you’re shooting high: Bad Form Target panic Sight Adjustments; and The Wind All of these can … Read more

The 10 Best Compound Bows for Women

Women bowhunters and target archers often have difficulty finding the right bow to fit their needs. There are so many options out there that it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices and confused by the features that claim to make a compound bow a good fit for a woman. That’s why we’ve put … Read more

5 Effective Archery Aiming Drills

Those who are unfamiliar with archery may assume that the sport is made up of drills to practice aiming a bow and arrow at a target. Yet both traditional and modern archers often practice forms, techniques, and skills that don’t relate directly to aim at all. However, the aim is certainly a large part of … Read more

Practicing Archery at Home or Indoors: The Ultimate Guide

Those who develop an interest in archery are often faced with the dilemma of how and where to practice, particularly at home or indoors. This can be a big concern in urban and suburban areas where there may be municipal restrictions and regulations. Finding ways to practice archery can be even more limited if a … Read more

How to Choose the Perfect Arrow Every Time?

To choose the perfect arrow every time, you need to know the materials that arrows are made of, which bow you will be using and for what purpose.  How do you choose the perfect arrow every time?  Choosing the appropriate arrow for a bow affects the trajectory, works differently for hunting or practice and is … Read more

28 Archery Practice Tips from the Pros

If you ask a group of archers for advice, you’re likely to get several different answers, and some of them may even be contradictory. In an effort to learn from the best, I’ve started gathering advice from professional archers. Here are 28 archery practice tips from the pros that are sure to guide you one … Read more

Is Barebow Archery in the Olympics?

While watching footage from the most recent Olympic archery competitions, I started to get curious about how the sport would be different with barebows instead of the well equipped Olympic recurve bows used by the Olympic archer. Is barebow archery in the Olympics? The Olympics do not offer a barebow archery event, but there is … Read more

How to Tell if an Arrow Spine is Too Weak or Too Stiff

Choosing the right arrow to achieve the best accuracy can be challenging sometimes. If you notice your arrows are all over the place, and you’ve already checked your form, your technique and your equipment, then arrow stiffness (or lack thereof) may be the problem. This stiffness, called the arrow spine, is crucial in the flight … Read more

How to Know How Far an Arrow Will Fly: A Simple Guide

One of the most important aspects of archery is distance and knowing how far an arrow will fly. Target archery, in particular, is based on the distance an arrow is shot and the accuracy of impact on the target. When archers cast an arrow (go through the shooting process), they can somewhat feel in the … Read more

Why Carbon Arrows Are Way Better Than Aluminum

Many recreational and even professional archers are not always sure which arrows are best, particularly between carbon and aluminum. Generally, the material of an arrow affects performance. Both carbon and aluminum arrows are used in archery, and they each have advantages. However, carbon arrows are a much better choice for performance than aluminum ones. Why … Read more