Top 10 Crossbow Targets that Stop 400 FPS

Firing a crossbow is much different than other types of archery. Crossbows fire much faster and with much more force. 400fps is one of the most common powers of a crossbow. This means an average target won’t be able to withstand the impacts that the bolts produce. What are the ten best targets that will stop 400fps?

Targets can be tough on your bolts and arrows. When firing a crossbow, the arrow can sometimes penetrate all the way through or become so wedged that you must use tools to extract it. Don’t let that scare you off! We’ve compiled a list of the ten best targets for your 400fps crossbow.

The Doghouse XL 450 by Bulldog Targets is Durable and Portable for Shooters

The Bulldog Doghouse XL 450 is a heavyweight champ when it comes to handling crossbow fire. It can withstand bolts up to 450 fps and only weighs about 60lbs. It can be placed anywhere, and the plus series comes with guaranteed two-finger arrow removal on all targets they offer. Two-finger removal protects fletching and prevents bolt warpage.

It has eight target squares with the company logo populating the bottom right. When shot, the polyester fibers inside grasp the bolt, and when it is removed, they spring back into place. When the fibers bounce back, they create a surface ready for more arrow fire of any speed. It is weatherproof and can be placed anywhere to work on hard angle shots.

Some reasons to invest in a Doghouse XL 450 target are:

  • Portability – While the Doghouse XL 450 can take a pounding from crossbow bolts, it is light enough that you can take it anywhere. The handle is easy to grip and could even allow you to hang the target if the setting was right.
  • Durability – Being dense usually means that the target breaks down from the inside. Still, with the Doghouse, you get the specially coated polyester fibers that protect the box much better than conventional targets.
  • Two-Finger Pulls – The most prominent part about upgrading to the plus series is the arrows’ two-finger pull ability. No matter what poundage your bow, you can withdraw them from the target with only two fingers.

Buying a Doghouse XL 450 target from will not disappoint. The targets can take serious damage and remain a functional and effective target. The multiple target areas on the box give it numerous ways to spread the arrow and bolt fire damage.

A SpyderWeb ST is a Great Target for Any Type of Crossbow

The SpyderWeb ST is one of the only targets on the market that boasts no speed limits. No limits mean that the shooter can fire any type of bow, no matter how strong, and the target will handle the impact. The Spyder has several different aim points, which are essential for bolt and fletching longevity.

With a SpiderWeb, you get a portable and durable target that gives you the ability to cut down on broken and warped bolts. You may need to invest in an arrow pulling tool that will help wrench out the bolts. The bolts could drive in deep after a few impacts in the same spot. Use care as some bolts can crimp under regular pliers.

A few facts about why a SpyderWeb is an excellent buy are:

  • No Speed Limits – The No Speed Limits guarantee is one of the main reasons you should buy a SpyderWeb. You can shoot any kind of bow or crossbow into the target, and it will hold up to the fire. This is important if you hunt with friends who don’t all have the same hunting equipment.
  • Spylar-True – The material Spylar-True makes up the threaded parts around the box. It is a material that is tough as nails and makes a barrier between the outside covering and the inside’s dense material.

The No Speed Limits SpyderWeb line of targets is an exceptional buy. They are small and portable while being able to withstand a hefty amount of arrow fire. The target faces are all vibrant and clear, and the box is excellent for protecting the material on the inside. 

Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat by Morrell is Effective and Easy to Carry

The Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat by Morrell is another excellent company operating in the archery accessories market. Their YJ-380 Dual Threat model will be great for any bow strength and comes with several different aim points. It can be rotated to allow you to get in the crucial off-center shots that are a huge part of hunting in the wild.

It will stop crossbows and compound bows up to 380 FPS (so not exactly 400 FPS, but close).

The carrying handle attached to the top corner is one of the most vital parts of the target. The thin nylon handle allows you to hang the box just about anywhere. Sometimes there is no room to make a long shot in your backyard. Having a place to hang the box while you move to a higher or more distant vantage point lets you simulate hunting situations.

Things that stand out about the Morrell Yellow Jacket are:

  • Quality Name Brand
  • Several Aim Points
  • Easy to Carry

There aren’t many more prominent names in archery than Morrell. They produce quality products that customers love and create lifelong devotees to their gear. Their Yellowjacket model of targets works great for crossbow and arrow fire and will travel well with any type of hunting gear you could have. 

The Doghouse XP by Bulldog Targets is Small and Can Withstand Heavy Impacts

The Doghouse XP, available from, is the regular-sized lil brother’ to the XL 450. It is a smaller target, only 2 feet by 2 feet, and has the larger model’s stopping power. It weighs in at around 30 pounds, making it easier to carry or place for difficult shots. Each face has a few great places to shoot with either field tips or broadheads.

All Plus Series of the Doghouse XP comes with the two-finger removal system. After having a target that forces you to pluck all the bolts after each practice, you begin to appreciate the fact you can remove them quickly and safely by hand. Be careful that you don’t get overzealous and strip the fletchings. Grab bolts at the base when pulling.

Some things that make the XP stand out are:

  • Two-Finger Removal
  • Small and Portable
  • Able to Withstand Heavy Fire 400 FPS

The Doghouse XP comes in Standard and Plus Series models and is a great target that will fit nicely into any camp or hunting stash that you might have. It is a bright and visible target with an adoring fan base who marvel at the target’s durability. This is one of the strongest targets on the market! It doesn’t even allow bolts to penetrate more than 12-inches. 

The Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target Provides High Visibility and Multiple Targets

One of the best things about The Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target is that it comes in black and white. That makes the targets easier to see in any environment. It has a recessed handle, which won’t take any damage while you fire at it. The reverse side has a significant target area that features the outline of a large deer. It is also made of a highly resistant foam material.

Polyfusion is the name of the type of foam that makes up the main body of the target. It absorbs impacts from 400fps and stands up very well to multiple strikes. The trick with the Block is that unlike the old layered targets, this one is joined together with the Polyfusion foam. Being joined makes the Block solid and able to take much more punishment.

Some reasons to add the Block to your hunting gear are:

  • Durability
  • Polyfusion Foam
  • Bright Target Areas
  • Entrail Outline

The Block is a great target that is going to bring you hours of fun and enjoyment. The box protects the dense arrow material on the inside, making it last for much longer than other targets. It was made for crossbow hunters and can be shot at any distance with accuracy and safety.

The RhinoBlock by Rhinehart is Accurate and Fun to Use

The first thing that sticks out about the RhinoBlock is the 3D outline of Rhino vitals that represent a set of targets. When you flip it over, there are several tiny targets that allow you to work on being accurate. If you hunt for smaller game with your crossbow, the small targets give you appropriate kill shot practice without sacrificing the same spot on the target.

One of the best things about RhinoBlock is that you can remove and replace the rhino insert to match whatever animal you want. When ordering, you should look for your type of animal and request it with the order. They will send a couple of different inserts, and choosing the appropriate target face gives you an accurate hunting simulation.

The RhinoBlock is an excellent choice for a crossbow target because:

  • Unique Design – Let’s face it; the target looking like a Rhino in the wild is fun and unique. While you may never hunt the animal, having a silhouette on your target is the next best thing. Shooting targets is practice but should also be fun. Unique targets can add some spice to practice.
  • Removable Panels – RhinoBlock makes all their targets with a removable panel. The panel can be swapped out when it has taken too many shots, and a new one can be inserted in its place. The removable panel makes the target last for much longer than a standard box target.

RhinoBlock is a favorite among crossbow hunters, and with good reason. The targets are solidly made and provide ample density to stop bolts and arrows above 400fps. Their ability to be placed in any terrain and blend in is also a great asset. As your hunting skill progresses, this target will be right there by your side. 

Delta McKenzie Crossbow Bag Target

Often having an easy target that is easy to carry is all you need. The Delta McKenzie drop bag is that type of bag. It is bright and has a few large targets that are easy to see and hit. The biggest targets are on the front and back while smaller targets populate the pieces of material of the sides.

What makes this portable bag so appealing is how easy it is to carry. It weighs only 11 pounds and, with the material inside, it can be crunched into any area to create a difficult-to-hit target. The blaze orange covering means no matter where you decide to place the target; you have a clear targeting area capable of handling the bolt.

Reasons you should choose the Delta McKenzie are:

  • Bright Orange – High visibility is a must for a drop bag target. Taking this bag into the woods to practice is essential for the shooter, and the bright color allows them to spot the target no matter how far away they are firing.
  • Easy to Pack – The squashy design of the Delta drop bag is great for impact but also can be crunched into tight spaces for travel. Crossbow targets like this one are a valuable asset to any set of hunting gear you could create.
  • High Impact – While it might not look like much, the Delta can withstand crossbow fire well above 400fps and always bounce back. The material on the outside of the bag is a mix of nylon that heals wounds to the target almost instantly. That healing means that the bag is suitable for years of service.

The Rinehart 18:1 Provides Great Target Space.

Typically crossbow targets are cube or square-shaped. The square design makes for a large target area. The Rinehart 18:1 has 18 targets on its cube-shaped face that are all great for small game target practice. Each site has a bright green target that can be seen clearly from any distance.

When it comes to having a good setup for hard to hit targets, this is the one you want. The Rinehart is also one of the most durable targets on the market and can take crossbow fire at 500fps. It has ‘self-healing’ foam, which means that the more you shoot it, the more damage it can take.

Reasons you should buy the Rinehart 18:1 are:

  • Several different target faces – Having several other options to choose from allows the shooter to create whatever hunting scenario they could come up with. Different scenarios mean that hunters have a better chance of shooting and hitting their targets if they regularly practice those shots.
  • Odd-Shaped Targets – It can’t be overstated how often you should be shooting smaller targets. The small size increases your overall aim, allowing you to have more kills in the woods. 
  • Bright Colors – The bright green colored targets make it easy to see, even in low light. Having an area to focus on in low-light situations is good for the eyes, and picking out the target in low light can help during your hunt. 

The top of the heap when it comes to fan-favorite targets is the 18:1. The small and unevenly placed targets give the shooter the ability to make their practices much harder and improve their chances of taking down game in the wild. This target can be set anywhere and go with you as you camp or practice in the woods. 

The Rhinehart Woodland Boar is Field Accurate and Easy to Set Up

Rinehart makes some of the most adventurous targets on the market. This Woodland Boar target is great for simulating real-time hunts. It has target rings to show you how close to the mark you are with each round so that you can work on your aim. The height makes it hard to hit, and the coloring could easily blend into its natural environment.

Rinehart is known for making a durable and tough target. The woodland boar is no exception. It can take 400fps bolt fire while being able to be placed anywhere and still be seen clearly. This target is so tough that it can take broadhead fire and field tip fire while not losing any foam material sturdiness.

Some great things about the Woodland Boar target are:

  • Lifelike and Realistic
  • Target Rings for Practice
  • Small and Portable
  • Foam Inserts
  • Works with Broadheads or Field Tips

Shooting at a target that mimics your game is sure to give you a heads up when it comes to the real hunt. This target’s small size and color give it an extra edge that makes the practice as necessary as the hunt. Taking the time to replace the inserts will ensure that you have a tactical and efficient target.

The Hurricane Bag by Field Logic is an Up and Coming Bag With Great Potential

Field Logic creates one of the hottest up and coming crossbow target bags on the market. The two-sided Hurricane Bag has an extensive outline of deer entrails on the back and a large selection of targets on the front. The targets are bright white with neon green outlines that make them visible in low light, making them suitable for shooting at any time of the day.

What makes this bag so popular is its portability. You can lay the bag on its side or hang it in a tree and still get the excellent target area that you want. It is a bag that means you can crunch it down on top of your gear and take it just about anywhere you want to go. The strong nylon on the outside is guaranteed not to rip or tear during usage.

The top benefits of the Hurricane bag are:

  • Easy to Carry
  • 2-Sided Targets
  • High Visibility Coloring
  • Off-Centered Rear Targets
  • 1000 PSI Resistance

The Hurricane is an excellent buy for crossbow owners. It is durable and comes in bright colors making the targets easy to see. The deer entrails on the front are offset from the targets on the back, which means you can use the target for several years before needing to buy a new target. 


Buying a crossbow target that can take 400fps bolts is a fun and enlightening journey. There are several companies on the market that are dedicated to creating a target that makes you a better hunter and more accurate with your crossbow. Choose something that makes the target hard to hit on a straight angle for a more authentic hunting experience.

Portability is critical when it comes to having a crossbow target. Most come with handles that allow you to hang them from trees or off the fence post in the backyard. Setting the target up in different places makes you ready to take shots on game from wherever you could be sitting in the field. Accuracy is vital for the animal and you.