What Is A Robin Hood In Archery?

Robin Hood. He is pretty unanimously associated with archery. We’ve heard of the legends, seen the statues. But there is also a specific term used and referred to him while practicing archery. But what is it and what does it mean? Here is what you would like to know.

So, what is a robin hood in archery? A Robin Hood is a specific type of shot; where an archer manages to split an arrow that that has already landed on the target with another arrow from a secondary shot from the same very position. This shot requires great skill and hence has taken on the name of this heroic outlaw.

A Robin Hood therefore only occurs when it has been acheived.

It’s interesting, because they’re usually the result of a lot of practice – and typically, many efforts.

For an archer to be able to pull off a Robin Hood on their first attempt; well to say it is a rare, unbelievable achievement would be an understatemen.

In fact, is the shot even possible?…

Is It Possible To Robin Hood An Arrow?

It is possible to Robin Hood an arrow, but it requires great skill in order to be able to do so on purpose. Of course, this type of shot can happen accidentally if an existing arrow is already positioned on the target.

In reality, where or not it is possible for you to pull off a Robin Hood will depend on your skill.

At least if you are intentionally trying to pull of the shot.

Then you need to consider other factors; such as your equipment, the conditions and of course – how far away you are standing.

But if you do manage to pull off a Robin Hood shot – you’ll know about it.


Because it will typically split the landed arrow in half.

While it certainly looks impressive, it is going to cost you!

Other Archery Trick Shots

While it may seem unfair to label it a ‘trick shot’, in many ways the Robin Hood fits the description quite perfectly.

Besides, it is a shot that “seems unlikely, or impossible, or it requires significant skill”.

That will be the Robin Hood.

And even though trick shots are commonly associated with other sports, such as Darts or even more commonly, Billiards, there are a range of archery trick shots to try.

Below, I will discuss 4 other trick shots that you may want to try.

Either instead of, or alongside, your attempts at a Robin Hood (that is, if you are willing to potentially split your arrow!)

Moving Target

We all love to practice with static targets; but why not up the ante by shooting at a moving target.

Of course, safety should come first here.

But, there are many ways you can set up a moving target.

And if you hit it – call it trick shot achieved. ☑️

Apple Shot

Nothing looks as impressive as an arrow going through an apple.

The way it just explodes as the arrow connects.

It’s something that just brings a lot of satisfaction.

And apples are small; particularly when we step back and move away.

Now where you place the apple is up to you.

But be sure to be safe at all times.

On top of someone’s head is not something any beginner, or even intermediate archer, should ever attempt.

It’s best reserved for the movies and the professionals.

Rope Cut

If you have an old piece of rope, or can source one, this can be an incredibly challenging object to shoot at.

If you pull it off, then you’ve managed a great feat and consider it a trick shot achieved.

To make this even more interesting you can hang an object from the rope.

To make it more challenging you can use thinner rope.

Either way, you’re going to want to cut through the rope with the tip of your arrow.

Candles Out

This just looks awesome.

And all you need to do is light a candle, and then shoot the arrow a little overhead.

The wind from the shot should blow the candle out and if so, trick shot complete.

But again, safety first.

There is always the risk of fire if this is not executed properly – so be careful, plan ahead and make provisions in case of the candle being knocked over!

There is certainly a time and a place for this one!

So To Summarize

The Robin Hood trick shot is one that requires great skill.

Besides, it wouldn’t be the Robin Hood if it was easy!

Chances are, you are far more likely to achieve this shot accidentally than you are to do it on purpose.

That’s for the average archer.

For those with competence and mastery – it should be something that they can pull off in relatively few attempts.

But thankfully, this is not the only trick shot you can try. As we have seen here today.

And at the very least, the Robin Hood gives us something to practice for, after all.

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