What Was The Name Of The First Archery Club In America?

The history of Archery is simply fascinating. Besides archaeologists believe that bows and arrows were first used 50,000 years ago. But what was the name of the first archery club in America and when was it formed? Here is what you want to know.

So, what was the name of the first archery club in America? The first archery club in America was called the United Bowmen of Philadelphia. It was formed in 1828 and still operates to this day.

And while it all started there, it took another 51 years for the National Archery Association to be founded in the United States (in 1871).

This is coincidentally when the first-ever national tournament was held.

And when it comes to the history of archery, there are other significant milestones to be aware of too.

In 1900, the sport entered the Olympics.

And there have been other developments too, such as the development of companies and the recognition of the early founders of the discipline.

So let us briefly take a look at each one!

Besides, you’re already here so you might aswell learn this too!

What Is The Oldest Archery Company?

Hoyt is considered to be one of the oldest archery companies in the United States, founded in 1931. Bear shortly followed with their inception as a commercial enterprise in 1933.

The one thing to consider here is that many archery companies have changed names, or been bought out by larger enterprises over the last century.

For instance, Ben Pearson also began in 1931 – but he later sold his company in the 1960s and the company has changed hands and changed names several times since.

Who Are The Fathers Of Bowhunting?

Dr. Saxon Pope and Arther Young are widely recognized as the ‘Fathers of Bowhunting’. They shot both large and small game with bows during the early 20th century.

In 1923, Dr. Saxton Pope would release his widely popular book – “Hunting with the Bow and Arrow” which became a best seller and introduced bowhunting to many Americans in the general public.

In fact, this book is still widely popular today.

You can even purchase the hardcover, or Kindle version, directly from Amazon.

Outside of these two influential individuals, Fred Bear and Charles Piper – founders of the Bear archery equipment brand, are also widely recognized for their contributions to the sport.

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