What is Crossbow Archery?

The ever-growing popularity of crossbow archery isn’t an accident or some sort of a fluke. A popular choice for new and experienced bowhunters, a crossbow allows you to get out in the woods more often and can make you a more successful hunter or a target shooter. This is because they offer easy and straightforward … Read more

What is a Recurve Crossbow?

Are you new to crossbow archery?  Have you ever heard of a recurve crossbow?  When someone thinks of crossbows, are we not all thinking about modern crossbows (ie. with cams or wheels)?  What exactly is a recurve crossbow? It might not seem obvious. A recurve crossbow is a bow with one string, so it is … Read more

What is Horse Archery?

Have you ever heard of horse archery? Ask any enthusiastic archer or archery fan and they’ll tell you there’s something magical about seeing the arrow fly into the target. Honestly speaking, archery is tricky enough when standing stable on the ground. But if that’s not challenging enough, imagine how challenging it can be on the … Read more

12 Super Fun Archery Games to Level Up Your Skills

It’s a feeling of utmost excitement when you get to pull back a bowstring, feel the bow’s power, and unleash all that energy stored up inside of you by releasing the arrow, it’s amazing. I’m sure archery game lovers can testify to this thrill of excitement. But in addition to that feeling of excitement is … Read more

What is the Best Compound Bow Release?

Using your bare fingers to shoot from a 60 or 70-pound compound bow is certainly impractical if not impossible. This is because the mechanics and string angles of high-speed compound bows favored by archers today require the use of a compound bow release. Using a proper bow release can mean the difference between that clean … Read more

10 Things To Know Before Getting Into Traditional Archery

Traditional archery is a challenging and amazing sport. However, getting started can be a bit confusing and overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. When I returned to traditional archery, I found that there was a lot of things I needed to learn before I could even really get back into it. So, what … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Compound Bow

It can be hard to choose your first Compound bow. There are many different things to consider when choosing your bow. Narrowing down all the choices can be so overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great if someone created a list of things to help one choose their perfect first bow? Look no further, friends! In this … Read more

10 Common Archery Injuries and How to Stay Safe

Archery is consistently ranked as one of the world’s safest sports by numerous insurance groups, consumer safety companies as well as the National Safety Council. However, injuries are still possible and it is important to know how to avoid common archery-related injuries and stay safe. What are the most common archery-related injuries? Injuries to the … Read more

Top 10 BEST Archery Party Ideas

As parties go, the general idea revolves around fun, fun and more fun. Archery parties are much of the same. You want to make your archery party the most memorable event ever. If you’re reading this article it’s likely you are either an archer yourself or making plans to throw one of the best parties … Read more

What Is Traditional Archery?

When I decided to get back into archery, I wanted to go back to the basics.  I decided on Traditional Archery. My original thought was that Traditional Archery is bare-bones bow and arrow.  As I researched more and more into the topic, I discovered that there a lot more to Traditional Archery than most people … Read more