How to Get the Right Archery Finger Tab Size: An Easy Guide

 Getting the right archery finger tab size is an important part of accumulating proper archery gear. A finger tab (or archer tab) protects the archer’s fingers from the bowstring, which can cause painful finger blisters and worse. The benefit of using a finger tab in archery is that it’s generally more comfortable and convenient than … Read more

How to Know How Far an Arrow Will Fly: A Simple Guide

One of the most important aspects of archery is distance and knowing how far an arrow will fly. Target archery, in particular, is based on the distance an arrow is shot and the accuracy of impact on the target. When archers cast an arrow (go through the shooting process), they can somewhat feel in the … Read more

Why Carbon Arrows Are Way Better Than Aluminum

Many recreational and even professional archers are not always sure which arrows are best, particularly between carbon and aluminum. Generally, the material of an arrow affects performance. Both carbon and aluminum arrows are used in archery, and they each have advantages. However, carbon arrows are a much better choice for performance than aluminum ones. Why … Read more

This is Why Arrows Have Different Colored Feathers

Whether it be for decoration or for purpose, arrows can have different colored feathers for several reasons.  Colored feathers attached to the ends of arrows distinguish the index feather, which orients the arrow to shoot straight.  While two feathers are the same color, the index feather will be a different color.      The feathers attached … Read more

Can Compound Bows Shoot Wood Arrows?

Shooting wood arrows from a compound bow is not recommended because the force generated from most compound bows are too powerful and can shatter your wooden arrow. Can compound bows shoot wood arrows?  Yes, but it’s STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED. The reason is that compound bows are mechanical and the force that it projects can shatter … Read more

Are Longbows Ambidextrous?

Manufacturers produce Longbows that are ambidextrous and can be used by left or right-handed archers. Are longbows ambidextrous?  Longbows can be manufactured without an arrow shelf making it ambidextrous for left-hand and right-hand archers.  While retailers do not usually carry a large selection of longbows with left-hand shelves, an ambidextrous longbow can be ordered and … Read more

Everything that Makes the English Longbow Awesome

The English Longbow is probably the most iconic piece of archery equipment the world over.  If you ask someone what they know about archery, they will probably be imagining an English Longbow as they give their reply.  English Longbows have a long history and many people still use them today.  As we’ll see in this … Read more

What is Crossbow Archery?

The ever-growing popularity of crossbow archery isn’t an accident or some sort of a fluke. A popular choice for new and experienced bowhunters, a crossbow allows you to get out in the woods more often and can make you a more successful hunter or a target shooter. This is because they offer easy and straightforward … Read more

What is a Recurve Crossbow?

Are you new to crossbow archery?  Have you ever heard of a recurve crossbow?  When someone thinks of crossbows, are we not all thinking about modern crossbows (ie. with cams or wheels)?  What exactly is a recurve crossbow? It might not seem obvious. A recurve crossbow is a bow with one string, so it is … Read more

What is Horse Archery?

Have you ever heard of horse archery? Ask any enthusiastic archer or archery fan and they’ll tell you there’s something magical about seeing the arrow fly into the target. Honestly speaking, archery is tricky enough when standing stable on the ground. But if that’s not challenging enough, imagine how challenging it can be on the … Read more