21 Bowhunting Gifts for Women That Will Make Her Hunt Easy

As a female archer, I have found many things that I love to use when bowhunting. To make it easy for you, I have compiled a huge list of the top 21 amazing bowhunting gifts that would make a great gift for you or a loved one! I’ve even provided affiliate links to Bass Pro … Read more

How Heavy Should Hunting Arrows be in Traditional Archery?

When I started shooting traditional archery, I noticed how many different weights of arrows there are. I did more research to figure out how heavy those arrows should be when used in traditional archery. How heavy should hunting arrows be in traditional archery? Traditional archery hunting arrows should weigh between 375-1000 grains depending on the … Read more

What is a Kisser Button? Simple Hack to Improve Accuracy

Shortly before my first official bowhunting season, I wanted to find ways to improve the accuracy of my compound bow. That’s when I heard about the kisser button. I was immediately interested in what the kisser button was and how it could help me take archery to the next level. Simply put, a kisser button … Read more

Getting Kids into Archery: What You Need to Know

Every year a new generation of archers lines up at the shooting line, and there is nothing better in my opinion. The enthusiasm and spirit they bring to competitions are priceless. Getting kids into archery is easy and fun for kids of all ages. Starting your child off in archery is much like starting them … Read more

21 Bowhunting Tips for Women

Many women believe they face far more unique challenges when it comes to bowhunting than men do. The reality, however, is that women face less unique challenges than they think to have a positive experience and get the most out of the sport of bowhunting. We have compiled 21 bowhunting tips for women that are … Read more

Why Your Arrows Drift Left or Right & What to Do About It

Everything is going well as you raise your bow. You draw the bow, aim, and release. The arrow hits the target with an audible thud, but when you look, you see that the arrow has hit the target well to the left or the right of where you intended. It can be frustrating! Here is … Read more

Why Your Arrows Are Shooting High & What to do About It

There are few things more frustrating than feeling like you’ve just shot a perfect arrow only to find it hit high of your target time after time, and it isn’t always the easiest problem to diagnose. Here is why you’re shooting high: Bad Form Target panic Sight Adjustments; and The Wind All of these can … Read more

The 10 Best Compound Bows for Women

Women bowhunters and target archers often have difficulty finding the right bow to fit their needs. There are so many options out there that it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices and confused by the features that claim to make a compound bow a good fit for a woman. That’s why we’ve put … Read more

What to do if You Accidentally Dry Fire a Bow

The sound of a dry fired bow is unmistakable. It is loud, scary, and draws the attention of everyone around you. Although dry firing a bow can be embarrassing, that is the least of your concerns. Dry firing a bow is dangerous for you, the people around you, and your bow. What should you do … Read more

Wooden vs Carbon Arrows: Which One Is Right for You?

Those who develop an interest in archery are often faced with the question of what kind of arrow to choose: wood or carbon. Generally, the material of an arrow affects performance and determines the type of archery that is use for. Both wooden and carbon arrows each have advantages. However, when deciding which is right … Read more